31 Days of Costumes

Happy October Everyone!!!

To celebrate our favorite month (and it’s not just because of Halloween, it’s also Canadian Thanksgiving and we like pie so we have many reasons to celebrate) we have decided to post a costume idea everyday until Halloween. We can’t promise we’ll be original, but we’ll do our best to come up with a variety of styles – complex, gorey, child friendly, cheap & easy and ridiculous are just a few of the categories we hope to include. We’ll post one every day so make sure to check back!

I’m just making suggestions, but it’s up to you to create your costume. If you are unsure of how to create certain FX or props that I mention, please search youtube. There are a lot of great tutorials that can help you.

#1 JACK AND DAVID (An American Werewolf in London, 1981) *couples costume* 


For David-
Crepe Hair
Spirit Gum
Plastic Wolf Ears
Wolf Teeth

Wolf Nails
Wolf Hair Shoe Covers
Wolf Hair Hand Patches
Brown & Black Make-up
Red Jacket
Back Pack


Torn Pants
For Jack –
Liquid Latex
SPFX Make-up palette
70’s mens wig (If you happened to be a girl like me you may need this)

Green Jacket
Back PackBoots
This is #1 because it’s from one of our favorite films AND because we have a legit costume photos to share with you. Matthew T. and I dressed as this on Saturday night and we had a blast! I started by applying a few layers of latex to my face  where I wanted the scars to be. I then began applying layers of tissue to build the thickness and sealed it with more latex each time. I used a hair dryer to dry it up a bit, then left it to dry on it’s own while I began Matthew’s wolf make-up. Using dark browns I did some Dick Smith style shading to create a classic wolf look with just creams. I blended it out and then used spirit gum to apply the crepe hair to his face along the shading lines. As you can see in the photo, a lot of the make-up/shading came off as it is very hot under all the hair. We got patches of hair for his hands and and press on wolf nails. He popped in the teeth and I teased and sprayed his hair. Instead of using the shoe covers on his feet, we tore up his pants and fastened the pieces of hair into the ripped fabric. I then went back to my make-up. I used foundation over all of the latex to blend the skin, then went over it, stippling, pinks and blues to create rashing and bruising. I then tore into my face, cutting the latex into large gashes across and big chunks along the neck. I filled them in with layers of darker reds and browns and used black in the deeper cuts. Then I topped it all up with blood.  Our costume was a pretty big hit and a lot of fun to play around in. I definitely recommend it!

SPECIAL FEATURES: If you look at the picture below you will see that we ordered T-shirts displaying the logo of The Slaughtered Lamb Pub. I thought this was a nice touch and really fun for people who understood the reference. We also stuffed Matthew’s back pack with severed limbs. If only we could have found a Moore’s clothing store to take our photo in front of!

We want to hear your feedback and we want to see YOUR costumes! Please tweet us your photos to @thebloodtheatre so we can post them on the site, pinterest and share on twitter and facebook!

Until next year, have a safe and happy Halloween!



#2 BLACK AND WHITE ZOMBIE (Night of the Living Dead, 1968)


Black Suit
White Shirt
Polka dot tie
Black Gloves
B & W make-up

Basically you’ll want to dress like Johnny from Night of the Living Dead, keeping everything black and white. Then pale your skin super white with black circles around the eyes and proceed to zombify yourself using only black and white make-up, all blood is black.

SPECIAL FEATURE: Make sure to say “They’re coming to get you Barbara…” repeatedly. You can even wear a black and white memorial wreath around your neck!

#3 Slender Man (Mythology and PC game)

Black Suit
White Shirt
Bald Cap
White Stockings
Preferably you will need height, but if not, don’t fear! In any case put on a black suit, white shirt and head/face-concealing mask. This might be the tricky part. He’s pale, bald and has no facial features. A white bald cap is a start, but how you obscure your face is up to you. You could use white stockings and go old school bank robber style! Since most celebrated Halloween this past Saturday, we did have an opportunity to see some Slender man costumes, and this seemed to be the general way to go about it.
Stand still and silent in the corner of the party. If anyone touches a piece of paper (for whatever reason), cue the ominous music and stalk them (without them seeing you move).



Woman’s flesh mask
Liquid Latex
SPFX Make-up

The outfit is completely up to you, the point of this one is that it looks simple enough at first. As if you didn’t know what to be so you just grabbed a mask from a store. The Beauty of it is when you take off the mask to sip your drink, your face is just bloody flesh beneath! Use the latex and tissue all over your face to create a layer of fake skin. Once it dries, rip and tear at it, leave chunks hanging or just giant holes. Use the FX Make-up to darken in the holes and gashes and use lighter shades for on top of the fake skin. Cover in blood and then put the mask on. Buy the mask at Spirit Halloween – http://www.spirithalloween.com/product/Cr-Female-New-Face-Mask/

SPECIAL FEATURES: You could always use a bit of latex around the edges of the mask to seal it to your face and then make up to blend the color. This way when you pull the mask up it tears the flesh and looks super gross and awesome!

#5 KILLER KLOWN (Killer Klowns from Outer Space, 1988)


Clown Make-up
Clown Hair
Clown Nose
Clown Clothes
Scary Teeth
Futuristic Super Sonic Blaster Gun

OR you can accept the fact that your home made Killer Klown will never look as good and just head to Spirit HAlloween and buy this awesome mask – http://www.spirithalloween.com/product/Fa-Last-Laugh-Clown-Mask/  Make sure to carry your epic outer space gun.

SPECIAL FEATURES: Balloon Animals. If you can manage to make a noose or gun you’ll be golden!

CLIP: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fHXy8DpF5k0 

#6 THE BOX (Se7en, 1995)


A Box

Who says you have to think outside the box? A box is the foundation of creativity. You can make it into anything. In this case you can make it into a parcel addressed to Brad Pit containing the decapitated head of his expectant wife. Oops. Spoiler Alert! Cut holes in the box for your torso and arms. Don’t try to be a hero and leave your arms inside the box. I tried this in years past. Arms inside of box costumes make it easier for others to pour shots down your throat or lock you in a closet. Once you’ve made the holes, try it on and make sure it fits, then begin the decorating process. Print off delivery labels and Fragile labels and wrap up with tape. Splatter a bit of blood on it too.

SPECIAL FEATURES: Wear the box higher up. Prop the top panels open and upright so just your head shows above. Now wear a blonde wig, bloody it and your face up and make some neck scars all the way around, and there you have it, a head in a box. You can also tuck your head down and pop out Jack-in-a box style and scare the shit out of people.

CLIP: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1giVzxyoclE (This is the final scene of the movie so Spoiler Alert)

#7 PUPPET PHILLIP (Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors, 1987)


Pantyhose or thick string/wool
Liquid Latex
SPFX make-up
Bendable yet sturdy wire
2 Belts
2 Pieces of wood attached at the middle
Freddy Krueger glove

Seriously I don’t have a clue how to do this, but it would be awesome if you can pull it off and I just want to throw the idea out there. Here are my suggestions- you could start by taking some wire and wrapping it around a belt a few times. You will then put the belt on, wire at your back and run the wire straight up and over your head. You may want to may the wire more sturdy by coiling another piece around it. Use the second belt higher up-right under your arms. You’ll use this to stabilize the wire right against your back.  The wire should come straight up over your head about a foot and then bend forward. Attach the two pieces of wood together to make a cross, and then wrap the end of the wire around the cross at its center. You can now use thread or tape to attach the Freddy glove on top if the cross, fingers stretched out as if the glove is holding it there. Put your pajamas on over the belt/wire contraption. Using latex, makeup and blood, create deep gashes from forearms to wrists (palms up) and from knees to toes. Use either panty hose or string (soak them in fake blood the night before and let dry) and tie one individual piece around each wrist and foot. You can use latex and makeup to hide the fact that it’s tied around. Now attach the loose ends to the cross above and walk with your arms outstretched. Freddy is now puppeteering you!

SPECIAL FEATURE: You really don’t need a special feature for this one! What more could you want!? Okay fine, instead of a pajama top, order a Dokken T-shirt and wear that.

CLIP: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SW1BeiRaN8Y

#8 TOILET GHOULIE (Ghoulies, 1985)


White Paint
A lot of Green Make-up
Bald Cap
Fake Teeth
Red Suspenders

I’m going to cop out huge on this one, cause really, you have to go the lengths you want to go. If you want to buy a Ghoulie mask that’s cool. If you want to find a different way to make a toilet, go ahead. My suggestions are only suggestions. Start by constructing a toilet out of cardboard. The toilet bowl has to be wide enough to step into and pull up around your waist. Once you’ve made your toilet and painted it, you might want to use foam or some sort of stuffing to fill in the hollow parts to stabilize it against your body. Put on a blue t-shirt and use green make-up to cover your arms completely. Put on your bald cap (you can look on youtube for tutorials). Use latex and cotton or tissue to build up your cheeks a bit. Cover your eyebrows (youtube tutorials). Now cover your entire head and face in green make up and throw in some fake teeth from the costume store. Attach the suspenders to the toilet so that when you put them over your shoulders they hold up the toilet.

SPECIAL FEATURES: I got nothin’. Frankly, I’m surprised you pulled this off.

CLIP: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5RmBQarrygY

#9 LAURIE RED RIDING HOOD (Trick’r’Treat, 2009)


Red riding hood costume
Wolf Contacts
FX Make-up
Brown crepe hair

Once in the costume, use some FX make-up to make a bit of light veins in the face. Use reds or purples around the eyes to accent the lenses. You can take a bit of crepe hair and apply it in areas of your choice. Pop in the teeth and lenses and you’ve got Laurie at the beginning of her transformation. Chick Werewolves are super fun.

SPECIAL FEATURE: Fill your basket with fake legs that have men’ shoes on them!

CLIP: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qudkQJyUjiA

#10 TWINS (The Shining, 1980) *Couples Costume*


Two identical light blue dresses (They don’t need to be exact but I’m sure you can find something similar online)
Two matching shoulder-length brown wigs
Two matching hair clips
Two matching pairs of socks and shoes
Fake axe

Whether it’s two girls, two guys or a guys and a girl, this costume is fun and hilarious. There is also an option to make it a full family costume if you happen to have a mom, dad, 2 daughters and a son. Then you can have Jack, Wendy, Danny and the Twins!

SPECIAL FEATURES: Use fake blood and cover a portion of the front of the dresses and spatter some on your face, arms and legs. Have one of the twins carry the axe and write “Redrum” in blood on the other’s forehead.

CLIP:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CMbI7DmLCNI

#11 BAGMAN (Bagman, 2011?)


An extra large Paper bag
Dark mesh
Black gloves
Black outfit and trench coat
Black boots
An assortment of fake weapons hidden within your coat

This hilarious student film has developed quiet a cult following which prompted me to add Monsieur Bagman to this list. You’ll want to make sure that you don’t just cut eye holes in the bag. You’ll want to go the extra step and glue in dark mesh so that you can see out but others won’t be able to see in as easily. Spatter the bag with blood and dirt and maybe blend some black around the eyes so that the edges of the eye holes don’t seem so clean cut. Make sure to keep a plethora of weapons on your person, always pulling out something unlikely and awkward.

SPECIAL FEATURES: you can always carry around and additional paper bag stuffed with fake body parts. You can watch the film at the link below for additional ideas-

FILM: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nc-Mbn0F9AQ

#12 CHILDREN (Various Films) *Costumes for the kids*

Village of the Damned, 1995                                                     Children of the Corn, 1984

Chucky – Child’s Play, 1988                                       Carol Anne – Poltergeist, 1982

Sam – Trick ‘r’ Treat, 2009                         Samara – The Ring, 2002

#13 CRAZY RALPH (Friday the 13th, 1980)


White striped dress shirt
Brown Slacks
A Vest
Fake barbed wire

Once you have the outfit on, you can use some grey make-up and a stipple sponge to create the illusion of thin stubble on the chin. Riding around on the bike and yelling “you’re doomed” is highly recommended. It’s also a good idea to drink from a flask all night. Feel free to attach a sign to the basket on your bike that says “Crazy Ralph- serving the Crystal Lake Community since 1980”.

SPECIAL FEATURES: You can use FX makeup and blood to create the neck wound and/or walk around with fake barbed wired around your neck.

CLIP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k3CaYYEkGXI

#14 ROSE/ICE ZOMBIE (Titanic, 1997)


Fancy Ball Gown (cause we all have that shit just lying around..)
Mens Long Coat
Fake Ginormous Blue Diamond
Ice FX Make-up
Black Goo (use your imagination)
Zombie Contact Lenses
Life Jacket

Once you have your outfit on, do a good layer of blues and whites to really pale yourself. From there do several layers of spotting and veins also in blue tones and rim your eyes in purple and then blue bags. Use some hair gel and slick that hair back. Use the ice FX to create chunky icicles on your hair, eye brows and coat. Make sure to blue up your lips and finger nails as well. Now use the black goo around your mouth because the blood of a frozen zombie will be far too oxidized to appear red. Lastly, wash hands thoroughly and  apply contacts.

SPECIAL FEATURES: She said she’d never let go. It’s probably a good idea to walk around holding hands with a severed arm.

TRAILER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1JP3qyf9zw&feature=related

#15 CANDYMAN/HELEN (Candyman, 1992) *Couples Costume*


For Him-
Long Heavy Jacket with fuzzy collar
Bloody stump with a hook
White Silk Scarf
For Her-
Nightgown or Blood soaked sweater
Swaddled fake baby
Bald Cap
Liquid Latex and FX Make-up
Fake Bees (you can make them)


For Candyman, you would want to wear an old ratty suit under the jacket if possible, but if you’re keeping covered I guess it doesn’t matter. If you can locate a fake rubber rib cage at a costume store, that will work too. You can opt to make the hook or buy, up to you. For Helen I guess it all depends on which part of the movie you’d like your costume to be from. If it’s early on then the blood soaked sweater will work. If you want to jump to the end then you’ll need the night gown, and you’ll need to attach a bald cap and use a combo of liquid latex and FX make-up to create burned flesh. Splatter both with blood and you’re ready for a night on the town.

SPECIAL FEATURES: If you have the time, you can paint little pieces of foam to look like bees and attach them to both costumes.

TRAILER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LOnN4M9wB0s

#16 R.J. MACREADY (The Thing, 1982)


Super Sexy Wig and Beard w/spirit gum
Ice FX make-up or Glycerin and giant salt crystals
FX palette with white and blue shades
Brown Jacket and pants
Your choice of MacReady style hat (he wears a few)
Saftey glasses
Large water jugs
A makeshift hose

Start by putting on the outfit. Apply the wig and attach the beard (unless you are man enough to grow your own). Use the whites and blues to give yourself a pale/cold look. Add glycerin to your facial hair and apply the large salt crystals (or the Ice FX if you can find it). Take two large water jugs and paint them to look like propane tanks. Attach them to a backpack or find a way to strap them on. Create a hose type attachment from the tanks to your hand and voila – flame thrower. If you have better ideas for crafting one go nuts.

SPECIAL FEATURES: Mutilate a stuffed dog. Get creative and make it look like another creature is bursting out of it, or cover it in blood – your call. Carry that around with you for fun.

TRAILER: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ouZkkIsLiNg

#17 SARAH/CAVE EXPLORER (The Descent, 2005)


Cargo Pants
Tank Top
Hiking Boots
Head fastening flash light
Glow Sticks

I did this a few years ago and it’s easy if you know where to find the pieces. I ended up getting the rope, links and flash light at Walmart in the camping/outdoors section. I bought a yellow Bob the Builder toy helmet and spray painted it black and the flash light (which was on a think elastic band) was put onto the helmet. I covered my self in blood and all was well!

SPECIAL FEATURES: You don’t HAVE to go as Sarah, you can go as any of the girls. I covered a stick with masking tape, taped it to my leg, ripped my pant leg so the white stick popped out slightly, then covered it with latex, make-up and blood so it looked like a leg wound with bone popping out. I then tied it off with bloodied torn fabric and limped all night. Success!

TRAILER: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l5I1q4KhKNU

<—-That’s me! It was a much more tame version, less blood because I was inside a lovely house and didn’t want to make a mess. I also politely removed the boots- as should you!

#18 HERBERT WEST (Re-Animator, 1985)


Old Ratty Suit
Syringe with bright green liquid
Lab coat

Tear up your suit a bit, loosen your tie, mess up your hair, spatter yourself with blood and pick up the syringe! Try to maintain an intense studious look all evening. Make sure to carry around a severed head or a black cat to get the full effect.

SPECIAL FEATURES: Instead of one syringe, carry around a cradle of refillable syringe shots full of colorful liquor and administer orally to re-animate other guests!

TRAILER: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0NBmN44ow1c

#19 PATRICK BATEMAN (American Psycho, 2000)


Hair Gel
Clear Cheap Plastic Rain Coat

I shouldn’t have to tell you how to assemble this. Suit, slick back hair, raincoat, blood spatter, pick up axe – done.

SPECIAL FEATURES: Dig out that walkman! If you can’t find one then go ahead and use your MP3 player, but be sure to keep it hidden in your pocket. Load it up with Huey Lewis and the News, Phil Collins, Whitney Houston and Katrina and the Waves. have it blasting loudly through your head phones all evening and take time to fact drop info about these musicians. Every time you leave a conversation be sure to remark “I have to return some video tapes” and when trying to pick up women tell them that you can get them into Dorsia, they know you there.

CLIP: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yTEJ1z-8pkc

#20 WEREWOLF OF LONDON ( Like the song!)


Werewolf costume
Fashionable clothes
Chinese Menu
OR Take-out containers

Put on the costume and dress snappy. No “I <3 London” Shirt for this one. We want you in a suit or nice dress, complete with a Kate Middleton-esque hat.


SPECIAL FEATURE: Print off a “Lee Ho Fook’s” label and create a menu or paste it on some Chinese take out containers. This is important as London Werewolves love beef chow mein!

SONG: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nhSc8qVMjKM

#21 LUDA – EXPECTANT ZOMBIE MOTHER (Dawn of the Dead, 2004)


Orange Tank Top
Brown Wig
FX Make-up palette

Once upon a time my best friend was knocked up. She had a super hard time trying to find a costume that worked with her enormous baby filled belly. I just stood idly by, helpless. I didn’t know what I could do to help. Well not anymore. I am giving pregnant women a voice. I am standing up for them and saying “Dude, check this shit out!” Don’t let your impending motherhood prevent you from having one last fun filled gore fest before you submit to a decade of clowns, ninjas and fairy princesses!

It’s pretty straight forward. Do a very basic death look – gaunt, pain, veiny, bags under the eyes, maybe some green spotting on the flesh. The teeth you’ll want to decay and you’ll also want to use mouth blood. Recreate the bite mark on her forearm. Now add glycerin all over your face and hair to get that disgusting, sweaty, pregnancy glow everyone raves about. Now put on your wrist shackles and rage out. This will be practice for when you actually go into labor!

SPECIAL FEATURES: Not too keen on this chick? Try a different pregnancy costume like Rosemary’s Baby, Inside, Slutty Mom from The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, It’s Alive or you can try an “Alien” bellyburster!

TRAILER: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HpjNdQQJirA

#22 JASON TAKES MANHATTAN (Friday the 13th: Jason Takes Manhattan)


Jason mask
I <3 NY T-Shirt
Shopping bags
Foam Head

This is pretty simple. Tourist Jason wears his I <3 NY t-shirt and walks around taking photos of the scenery. But this tourist has a short temper. Don’t cross him or that Machete comes out.

SPECIAL FEATURE: Jason loved his mother, and NY wouldn’t be the same without her, so why not bring her along. Carry around Mrs. Voorhees’ head in a Macy’s shopping bag and make sure to take it out so that Jason can get some photos with his mom for his scrapbook.

TRAILER: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w5fc43O3ynE

#23 ARIEL ( The Little Mermaid, 1989)


A long red wig
The typical mermaid costume (buy or make)
Fish Skeleton (Can be made out of wire and masking tape)
Liquid Latex
Fishing Lures
A Giant block of stiff foam
Spray paint – rust and silver
FX make-up palette

My instructions and materials are so vague that it really leaves everything open for interpretation, and it’s better that way because you’ll end up with your own creation at the end. I have wanted to do this costume for years but I think it’ll have to wait till I have an indoor party. You can start by putting on the mermaid costume. Tear a hole in the fin and gore up your skin underneath, then use latex to attach the make shift fish bone to your skin so that it pokes out of the fin slightly. Now use the make-up, blood and latex to zombify yourself. Tangle your fin in the netting and decorate it with fishing lures and other ocean treasures.

SPECIAL FEATURES: This is my favorite part. If you want to get crafty and a lot more gory,  take a block of stiff foam and carve out a giant, oversized hook. Spray paint it to look shiny and aged. Cut out a portion of the curve in the middle so you are left with the long back piece as it starts to curve and then you have the tip of the hook separate. Depending on the size and where you would like to place it, use latex to attach the back piece of the hook to the back of you and the tip to the front of you. I like placement through the stomach or even the throat. Gore up the areas around the hook to look like entrance and exit wounds. I assure that you’ll be considered quite a catch! (Laugh at my lame joke please)

ALTERNATIVELY: you can probably do any dead disney princess you’d like. The key is to make sure that the cause of death is related to the nature of their character. Otherwise, you’re boring.

#24 PINHEAD (Hellraiser, 1987)


Bald Cap
Liquid Latex
White cream makeup
FX color palette
Tooth decay liquid
Dulled Toothpicks
Leather outfit

So this one could be easy for those who have experience with make-up FX, or it can be difficult for new comers.  Either way, the key is patience. You want to allot yourself extra time. I don’t need to walk you through this one because I found an excellent video tutorial to help you out, which is probably way better than me yammering on. The tutorial link is below and Elizabeth does some excellent tutorials so definitely check out the other videos  as well. Please note – she uses real pins, sharp side out. If you are concerned about safety you could always  dull some toothpicks and paint them silver. We’d like you to be as safe as possible but it’s your call!

TUTORIAL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DqrAnYet7_4

SPECIAL FEATURES: So it’ll be difficult to find the leather suit so the other option is to order the pinhead costume online. When it comes in throw out the mask. It’s shitty. Do your own make up, it’ll look a hell of a lot better. But definitely use the costume. I think it comes with rubbery fake skin sections in the chest, so I recommend cutting those out and making the scars on your chest with make-up. Trust me, people will appreciate the effort far more if you do the make-up. Make sure to purchase the Lament Configuration online as well. You’ll want to leave it random places and then appear behind those who pick it up.

CLIP: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lKfupO4ZzPs

#25 THE PILGRIM (Thanksgiving Segment of Grindhouse, 2007)


A Pilgrim Hat
Long Black Coat
Black Clothing including gloves
Black Boots
An Axe
Extra Buckles cause ya never know…
Paper mache turkey/doll and Roasting pan

This costume is pretty straight forward, but you may want to add extra buckles for flair. It might be a nice addition to add some blood spatter and have a flyer for Black Friday sales in your pocket.

SPECIAL FEATURES: Take a doll, use tinfoil around the body to create the shape of a turkey, leaving the head exposed. Paper mache several layers over the tinfoil until you reach you desired thickness. Paint your roasted turkey, add blood spatter to the neck of the doll, toss in a roasting pan with more blood, body parts and roasted potatoes. Take this with you to your party because it’s rude not to bring something, and everyone loves potluck!

TRAILER: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZE7tyW8CYXs

#26 MOIRA THE MAID (American Horror Story, Season One)


A Maid Uniform (Good luck finding a regular one, only sexy maids exist these days)
A Red Wig or Dyed Red Hair
A Dead Eye contact lens
FX make-up palette
Regular make-up

The beauty of this costume is that you can take it in two different directions. You can be the older woman with a bad eye and “by the book” attitude. Or you could opt for the young, sexy, corrupted version. The only difference is a little old age make-up and about 12 inches of material.

SPECIAL FEATURES: Give the sexy costume a twist by giving her the fresh eye wound she so deserved. You can also twist it my favorite way and do half and half. Half the young sexy girl with a bloody gunshot eye and half the old woman. Either way you go is your call, just please don’t be a boring regular slutty maid, I’ll hate you.

TRAILER: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y0ssM6vtz_c

#27 – OTIS DRIFTWOOD (House of 1000 Corpses/The Devil’s Rejects)


A Greyish T-Shirt and Green or Camo Cargo Pants
A Fake Beard and Long White/Blond Wig
Sheath w/ Fake Knife
Foam Head
Plastic Wrap
Liquid Latex, Hair Dryer and Baby Powder
FX Make-up Palette

First you’ll want to take the T-Shirt and rip off the sleeves. Make a nice blob of bloody mess in the middle of the chest of the shirt and let it dry. Use your make-up to make yourself look a little gaunt and toss on your wig. Apply your beard with spirit gum or latex. Make sure to take a few minutes and stroke your new beard. It’ll be pretty awesome. Now suit up in the t-shirt and cargo pants and fasten your sheath around your waist with a belt. Bloody yourself up a bit more and maybe add a few cuts and bruises and you’re all set!

SPECIAL FEATURES: Take your plastic wrap and foam head and try with one piece to cover the entire face area. Make sure it flows with the contours of the facial features. Take your latex and apply a layer over the entire face, leaving holes around the eyes and a small gap where the lips meet. Blow Dry, dust with baby powder and repeat x10 or more depending on how thick you want it to be. Once the final layer is dry, peel the plastic wrap off the foam head and then remove the latex from the plastic. It will be a very loose mask that you can then make-up slightly, bloody, then wear it proudly as if you just skinned your first human. It’s not going to fit, it’s supposed to be someone elses face skin, so dont worry it’s supposed to look ridiculous.

CLIP: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vz0ePrqJYNE

#28 – LOOSE LIPS SARAH (Cutting Moments, 1997)


A Red dress or undergarments depending on your comfort level
latex and tissue or cotton
FX make-up palette
Steel wool.

While this costume is minimalist and may seem simple enough, it’s actually a little harder. In order to do this justice you will need to do a little more than just put fake blood on your lips. You’ll want to use latex and cotton or tissue paper to build up a layer of fake skin over your lips. Then apply some make-up to match your skin tone and lip color. Then you can tear in, messy and chunky slits all over. Pieces hanging would be perfect. Use dark make up, blacks and deep reds, to color your real lips that are revealed by the tears. Now bloody it up and you’re good to go.

SPECIAL FEATURES: Make sure you have scissors or steel wool handy, it’s very important to the integrity of the character that you commit to holding your steel wool all night. It would even be desirable to break of pieces off the steel wool and use the latex to secure them to your mangled face hole. Make sure you curl your lips and keep your teeth exposed and it would make sense to bring a straw, cause you wont want to drink any other way.

I’m not going to link the trailer or clip, if you want to look it up yourself you will find it easily, but that’s your call. It’s extremely graphic and disturbing. Not for me, but for all of you who don’t stomach things as well as me. Pfft average humans. You’ve been warned.

#29 – TINA IN A BODY BAG (A Nightmare on Elm Street – either year)


An Short Sleeve Button Down Shirt (Oversized in off-white or very pale blue)
Tiny Shorts
A Garment Bag (Must be clear)
Lots and Lots of Blood

One of my personal faves and let me tell you, I might be switching my costume to this. It will be messy but very very worth it. You can keep the blood to a minimum by soaking your clothes in it and letting them dry prior to dressing, and pre- bloody the bag. You can smear a thin coat over yourself and that will stick to the bag and look fresh without pooling at the bottom.

SPECIAL FEATURES: If you want to keep it clean then don’t let the blood pool in the bag. If you refuse to keep it clean, then take it one step further and make those wounds. Slice the front of the shirt open and use double sided tape to secure those bad boys into your shirt (you know what I’m talking about – (.)(.) ) Use liquid latex and cotton or tissue paper to build up a nice thick layer of false skin in the center of your chest. Slap on some make up – skin tones, maybe some bruising, rashing and veins etc…. Take your palette knife and gently tear five slits in the latex. Fill those slits with dark make-up – black, purple, deep deep red. Cover with blood and voila! It’s not going to be perfect, it’s a quick fix but in a bloody body bag it’ll look great. Maybe I’ll do a video tutorial for you guys.



DIFFICULTY: Effortless

A White Sheet
Large Glasses
Six Pack of Beer *optional*

This one is for all of you lazy bastards who don’t really care to celebrate Halloween but your girlfriend is dragging you to a party where costumes are mandatory so you need a quick fix. Put the sheet on, put the glasses on, that’s it. If she really likes it then this might also be the least amount of effort you’ve ever had to put into getting laid. If that’s the case You’re Welcome.

SPECIAL FEATURES: On the other hand, if you’re just a die hard Halloween fan, you could put a little more life into the costume by wearing the complete Micheal costume underneath. At any given time you can stash the sheet and no one will know it’s the same person. Go back and forth between the two and don’t say anything all night. You’ll really freak people out when they cant figure out who you are. Make sure to tilt your head when listening to interesting conversation. Don’t forget to count how many times you hear “What’s the matter? Can’t I get your Ghost Bob?”


#31 – AHAB (Father’s Day, 2011)


Eye patch
Black gloves
Black Pants and turtle neck or high collar shirt
Long Brown leather jacket
Blood *optional*
A Badass Gun

This costume isn’t too dificult to throw together and with a few adjustments you can easily up the level of awesome. Try adding a gaping exit  wound to your face to spice it up!

We recommend holstering a bottle of syrup, preferably with a homemade label. It is important to the authenticy that the label does not say “Maple Syrup” as the orgin of the syrup is unknown. A Father’s Day card sticking out of your pocket would also be a nice touch.

TRAILER: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3Fg_K08YIA