5 Horror Movie Parodies You May Have Missed

Let’s face it. Most parodies fall into oblivion. Whether it be films such as “Not Another Teen Movie,” “Meet the Spartans,” or “Superhero Movie,” the chances are no one will ever see them again. You’d have to be “Airplane!,” “This is Spinal Tap,” or “Austin Powers” to be remembered.

That being said, we have a new horror parody movie in our midst’s! “A Haunted House,” written by Marlon Wayan’s, feature an abundant amount of Paranormal Activity parodies. Will it be funny? I have no idea. But I do know some horror parodies that are.

A Haunted House TRAILER

The catch is, you can look up “Horror Movie Parodies” all day and come across the “Scary Movie” franchises, and even “Shaun of the Dead.” Here’s a few of my favourites that you may not have heard of.

Five Horror Movie Parodies You May Have Missed

StudentBodiesSTUDENT BODIES (1981)

My dad showed me this film when I was a kid. If anything, this film was the original “Scary Movie,” featuring parodies of most slasher films to date – which really wasn’t a whole lot, considering huge slasher names like Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger weren’t even around yet. Featuring “the Breather,” Student Bodies takes many twists and turns, poking fun at not just horror films, but itself too. Hands-down my favourite movie on this list, it still manages to hold itself up to all of the horror-film stereotypes today.


Shriek_If_You_Know_What_I_Did_Last_Friday_the_ThirteenthSHRIEK IF YOU KNOW WHAT I DID LAST FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH (2000)

While “Scary Movie” enjoyed its commercial success parodying Scream, I Know What You Did Last Summer, and many, many more films (and many of them not even horror films), “SiYKWiDLFtT” did the same, but funnier! Without as many sex and drug jokes that plagued “Scary Movie,” “Shriek” took everything and added more shtick to it. Much like the Abrahams & Zucker’s parody films, I found “Shriek” to be situated for a broader audience, rather than a particular age group. It’s a film I could see my parents enjoying, rather than grimacing over.


ThankskillingTHANKSKILLING (2008)

While it’s not directly parodying a particular movie, it’s still stupid and funny. A murderous turkey with a groan-worthy origin story fills the screen with ridiculous catch-phrases and interesting plots to kill its prey. Sure, the actors are terrible and the plot thinner than thread, “Thankskilling” still delivers what you’ll gobble up: a parody of a slasher film, done in the most interesting of ways.



ZombielandZOMBIELAND (2009)

“Zombieland” is easily the most mainstream movie on the list, but it’s still a step-down in popularity from the great “Shaun of the Dead.” The major difference between “SotD” and this film is that “Zombieland” plays more with its dead – quite literally. You laugh when a zombie dies; you laugh at the characters mannerisms; their conversations; their everything! There’s so much which “Zombieland” offers that most would take for granted. From “Rules” to survive Zombieland, to a brilliant cameo by Mr. Bill Murray, “Zombieland” is a great zombie film done funny.


DeadSnowDEAD SNOW (2009)

An instant cult classic, “Dead Snow” features everything people have wanted since Call of Duty’s (or Return to Castle Wolfenstein) popular mini-game: Nazi Zombies. While the movie tries at first to be a regular horror film, when the zombies come in, moods change and things get silly. “Dead Snow” takes the survival-horror genre and toys with the ridiculousness of “Evil Dead 2.” It leaves for some fun surprises, filled with lots of blood and plenty of laughs. While it’s definitely the most goriest film on this list, it will still leave you in awe over how clever the zombie genre can still be.


Feel free to comment and add titles I may have overlooked!