Editorial: February 2012

Love is in the air, horror fans! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner: that special time of year when you show that special someone just how much they mean to you by giving them your heart … or the ripped-out heart of a nearby victim, of course! Oh, jokes. But here at the Blood Theatre, we’re excited to usher in this sappy day with our own horror marathon, and as always, we’re interested in what you’ll be watching! A classic like “MY BLOODY VALENTINE”, or perhaps the ill-fated 2001 “VALENTINE”? We’ll be tweeting live all evening on February 14th, and hope to hear from you too, horror fanatics! Tell us what’s playing in your “screaming” room!

Also: don’t miss the chance to hang out with myself, Ali, and ShrediKnight as we check out a screening of the original SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE at the Toronto Underground, to celebrate Women in Horror month! It’s guaranteed to be a good time!

Today we’ve got a special new article from staff writer Ali, who is presenting us with a very important look at the most anticipated horror films of 2012 (and believe me, there are some ones that we at the BT are highly anticipating!) Don’t miss out on information about upcoming flicks like: World War Z, Paranormal Activity 4, and more! To read the full, gorydetails, click here! And if you like what you’ve read, follow Ali on Twitter!

We’ve got a bunch of brand new content coming your way this month! We have a new series of articles coming up by writer OptionalPlayer, where he pits two flicks against each other in a rivetting duel he calls: “VERSUS MODE”. We’ve also got new GUIDE TO GORE reviews headed down the pipeline! Be prepared to get the official gorescore on flicks such as: CIGARETTE BURNS, VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED, the appropriately titled SICK NURSES, and even the splatterific Indie classic: BAGMAN!

We’ve been working hard here at the BT to come up with some uber-exciting new features and online events for the website which we’re, well,uber-excited about! So as the year progresses, be on the lookout, and make sure to visit the site regularly to see the upcoming changes and announcements! And if you haven’t done so already, stalk us on theTwitters and become a fan of us on Facebook!

Remember friends, this is 2012. The zombie apocalypse looms in the very near future! Have your escape plan ready! Choose your weapons! And above all, fight for your survival! And until then, check out these greatWalking Dead e-cards to send to your February 14th hunny!

Until next time, you know my motto:
Keep it bloody, keep it sick, and keep the gore flowing!

– Matthew T.