Abominable Dr. Phibes, The

1971 / d. Robert Fuest
Vincent Price strikes another chord of terror in this delightful tale of a mad doctor’s revenge. Horribly disfigured, Anton Phibes goes out executing a team of ten surgeons, physicians whom he blames for the death of his beloved wife. But plain homicide doesn’t meet Phibes’ macabre standards; instead, he draws inspiration from the Biblical Ten Plagues of Egypt. One by one the doctors drop off like flies, whether they have their heads crushed by frog masks, their faces eaten away by locusts, impaled by golden unicorn statues, or have all the blood drawn from their bodies in agonizingly slow fashion. This movie is a ghoulish delight for those who are connoisseurs of the weird and demented. Price is at his best as he revels in the delicious villainy of his role, able to emote the subtlest expressions even under the ghostly mask he wears of his own likeness. The cinematography and art deco scenery are a feast for the eyes and compliment the gory proceedings in an absolutely diabolical fashion. Not to be missed by fans of old school horror.

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