*The Guide to Gore

It was only a matter of time, really. The Blood Theatre has always been comprised of people who love their celluloid dripping red, and this is our chance to let loose and deliver some short, to-the-point reviews on some of our favourite (and not-so-favourite) horror flicks. Although, keep in mind that you can also peruse our full-length reviews of movies as well. In memory of the late, great Chas Balun (1948 – 2009) we have decided to employ his infamous GORE SCORE, which in his own words:

“…concerns itself with nothing but the quantity of blood, brains, guts, slime, snot, puke or other assorted precious bodily fluids spilled, slopped or splattered during the course of the film.”

Therefore, you will see films rated twice: the first is our standard FOUR SKULL rating as seen in every review posted on the website. The second is our GORE SCORE, which ranges from 1 – 10. Thus, we offer you two perspectives on each film: the former rates the quality of the movie itself, and the latter looks at nothing except the amount of gruesome violence it contains. Gorehounds, enjoy. The squeamish, beware:

…there be blood ahead.

bomb Mmm… bomb-o!
skull Ugh.
skullskull Average.
skullskullskull Genuinely solid.
skullskullskullskull We’ve got a classic, folks.
Gore Score 1-10
Monster Movie Monday
Approved – Group viewing