1994 / d. Nacho Cerda
A film not for the weak of stomach or heart. The scenario is simplistic but all-too disturbing: a medical examiner fondles and defiles the corpse of a young woman who is the victim of a car accident. Cerda doesn’t let up on the realistic gore in this unsettling picture. We watch the clinical dissection of cadavers, all brains and slobbering intestines included. The real horror starts when we realize what the perverted examiner is up to. Despite showing the rotting and squashed carcass of a dog as well as the blending of a heart and vicious stabbing of a female’s private area, AFTERMATH still possesses an air of profound beauty. The fascination with death becomes our own and soon we find we cannot look away from the screen, no matter how disgusting and vile the acts may be. Watch this if you’re looking for something to challenge yourself with. (JC)