American Werewolf in London, An

1981 / d. John Landis
Although famed for turning out comedy classics like ANIMAL HOUSE and THE BLUES BROTHERS, director John Landis was also the man behind one of the most revered werewolf films of all time. This movie blends horror and comedy in a beautiful synergy that can hardly be beat. One minute we’re shivering in terror from the mind blowing special effects of makeup wizard Rick Baker and the next we’re laughing ourselves silly as the ever-ripening remains of Griffin Dunne chide David Naughton into suicide. The instantly classic transformation scene in the film still has the power to drop jaws and the full wolf monster, though slightly less paralyzing, is still a fearsome creature to behold. Add to that the eerie and jump-inducing dream sequences that are randomly sprinkled throughout the movie and you have one unforgettable romp into the hairy world of lycanthropy that is sure to have you howling at the moon for more. Sequel: AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN PARIS. (JC)