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What’s with August and being Underground?

BT Gang (L to R) Drew, Shredi Knight, Ali, J-Rod, UncannyDerek & Matthew T.

BT Gang (L to R) Drew, Shredi Knight, Ali, J-Rod, UncannyDerek & Matthew T.

Hi Friends!

You may have noticed, or not noticed, the lack of updates to the site over the last few months. Well here’s what’s been going on:

-Editor Matthew T. has been busy illustrating the OFFICIAL MANBORG COMIC! Now that it’s no longer a secret we can share some of the awesomeness with you in the form of teaser images. Read the official press release HERE.

-Ali has been busy planning her and Matthew T’s Friday the 13th wedding ceremony, followed by their Shining themed reception, followed by their haunted horror honeymoon road trip. This is all happening in September so expect lots of haunted house reviews and photos from various awesome locations. Ali has also been writing some short film scripts which has kept her busy outside of her day job as a caped crusader.

-Shredi Knight has moved to Belgium. We hope this will broaden our horizons and allow us to host reviews of obscure films no one has ever heard of. He’ll be pretty busy though, so we’ll have to see.

-Drew has been busy writing for the GCE, which included doing their San Diego Comic Con coverage.

-J-Rod spends a lot of his time with ghosts. Seriously not kidding. So he hasn’t had much time to review. Perhaps he should write an article on his encounters for the site *hint* *hint*

-UncannyDerek watched Black Christmas again for the millionth time last night. If we can get him to watch anything else we’ll let you know.

-Ames’ life has been chaotic, and now it’s shark week, so we’ve lost her. She’ll resurface eventually.

Summer is busy here. There has been a serious lack of horror viewings, but we hope this will soon change.
*Moments after I posted this update, Ames submitted a Jaws review. How freaky is that?


MANBORG: The Saga Continues…In Print!

That’s right! Not only is Manborg starring in his own sweet ass comic book, but The Blood Theatre editor, Matthew T., was the illustrator for issue #1! Read the official press release below!

MANBORG_ISSUE1Cult filmmaker Steven Kostanski is excited to announce that the characters he created with Jeremy Gillespie for the ASTRON-6 produced film MANBORG will be continuing their exploits in between the stapled newsprint pages of a full-colour illustrated comic-book adventure due for release at the Toronto FanExpo this August.

Based on the cult hit film MANBORG, which hit DVD and VOD last Spring with Anchorbay
Entertainment in Canada and Dark Sky Films in the USA, the first issue kicks off a two-part story arch in the tradition of newsprint movie comics of the late 1970s and early 1980s. The story picks up during the events of the feature film, expanding the scope of the original film and introducing fans to brand new characters and mythologies, including the true fate Manborg’s brother!

While the story was conceived by MANBORG creator Steven Kostanski, who is also overseeing every aspect of the development of the comic, this time around MANBORG producer Peter Kuplowsky and indie filmmaker Justin Decloux are penning the antics of Justice, Mina, #1 Man and titular Manborg as they continue to battle Count Draculon and his army of Killborgs.

As for the art, Kostanski’s memorable and iconic sci-fi/horror universe will be reproduced panel by Manborgpanel by illustrator and graphic designer Matthew Therrien (, with colours provided by Shira Haberman ( Matthew Therrien’s work might be familiar to MANBORG fans, as he is responsible for a fantastic illustrated poster tribute to the film. 

In an effort to more faithfully parody and emulate newsprint pulp comics, the issue will also include a one page faux-comic- advertisement (in the tradition of Marvel’s one-page Hostess comic- ads) based on Steven Kostanksi’s award-winning short-film BIO-COP, as well as a letters column where fans will receive relationship advice from Manborg’s love-struck antagonist: The Baron. Fans can email their queries to and have a chance to appear in future installments of the column.

Teaser Image from MANBORG: No Manborg Left Behind

Teaser Image from MANBORG: No Manborg Left Behind

Issue #1 of MANBORG, entitled NO MANBORG LEFT BEHIND, will first become available for fans at the Toronto Fan Expo (Aug. 22nd – 25th) at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival, Raven Banner
Entertainment, Rue Morgue and Anchorbay Entertainment booths, each one a proud supporter and sponsor of the comic. A digital release of the comic is also planned to follow the initial print run, and details will be announced via MANBORG’s Facebook Fan page and Twitter account

Check out Matthew’s Fan Page and follow him on Twitter!

Also Check out Bearly Tails, a series of offbeat comics from Shira Haberman.





Damien: Omen II (1978)

1978 / d. Don Taylor
skullskull          3

Ah puberty! The time in every young man’s life when he awkwardly begins to change. The other kids look at you differently, your confidence is shaken, you find a noticeable birthmark of three sixes burned into your skull, and you have to come to terms with the fact that you are no longer a little boy, but rather, the son of the devil. After Damien’s father tried to kill him in the first film, the newly orphaned boy is shipped off to live with his uncle. Growing up alongside his cousin allows him to develop into a loving, well-rounded little boy; but all that soon changes when Satan’s cleverly placed henchmen start to step in and kill off those who get too close. Finally Damien discovers who he is and must stay true to the path is birth father (The Devil) set out for him. This film wont do much for you in the way of gore, but there are some pretty interesting deaths. And yes, that is Lance Henrikson, he’s just not featured in the title sequence.