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Ali is a co-editor for The Blood Theatre and is also a contributing writer for and she enjoys many things.


Horror Panel Podcast

Thanks to Paul Quinn for recording our horror panel at Canadian Toycon. This is the 5th episode in PCJ’s Podcast so check it out. Sorry if it’s not always clear, we had 10 people speaking on the panel, sometimes all at once.

This panel features J-Rod, Shredi Knight, Drew, Matthew T. Ali, Paul Quinn, Matt Paterson, Ashlynn Yennie, Casper Van Dien, JM Frey, Harsh language and possible spoilers.

Click the link to play: PCJ PODCAST

(Featured image courtesy of Marc Daniel Photography/GeekChicElite)


Canadian Toycon March 2013

This past Sunday we managed to get all of our current contributing writers in one place! We set up a booth at Canadian Toycon in Burlington to display our website and show off some of Matthew T.’s fantastic horror art. We met a lot of great people, made some new friends and ending up having a blast!

BT Gang (L to R) Drew, Shredi Knight, Ali, J-Rod, UncannyDerek & Matthew T.

BT Gang (L to R) Drew, Shredi Knight, Ali, J-Rod, UncannyDerek & Matthew T.

Around noon we had the pleasure of speaking on a horror panel with a few other guests; Mask Maker Monster Matt Paterson; Author J.M. Frey; Casper Van Dien of STARSHIP TROOPERS fame; and star of THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE 1 & 2, the lovely Ashlynn Yennie. We discussed various topics such as the psychological aspects of horror, horror in TV, and we learned a lot about how we all came to be horror fans. The common thread of concern across the table seemed to be with kids. From Ashlynn’s nephew to Casper’s son and daughters, we discussed their hesitations and “how much is too much?” The panel moderator, Paul Quinn, recorded the entire discussion which you can now find HERE.

Ashlynn Yennie with a knitted human centipede made by BT firend Cassie Leigh. Contact us if you would like to order one from Cassie!

Ashlynn Yennie with a knitted human centipede made by BT friend Cassie Leigh. Contact us if you would like to order one from Cassie!

After the panel we stopped by the Black Fawn Distribution table for a quick chat and picked up a DVD copy of the film DEVIL’S NIGHT starring Danielle Harris. We should have a review up on that by next week. We learned that Black Fawn will be at Shock Stock in London Ontario next month to promote their newest release DEAD ALL NIGHT. So if you are attending Shock Stock the weekend of April 12th, stop by their booth and pick up a copy, maybe we’ll see you there!

We encountered some great horror themed toys- Freddys, Jasons, and my personal fave was a Chucky doll that I had never encountered before. Some die hard HELLRAISER fans made off with prints of Matthew T.’s Pinhead. Since there was such a great response to his art, Matt has made some prints available on etsy: 

All in all it was a great day and we plan on attending future Toycons down the road and maybe organizing another panel since it was so much fun. Photo coverage of the event was done by our friends at Check out their photos, event coverage and their interview with Casper Van Dien! (Featured image provided by Marc Daniel Photography/GeekChicElite)


Girls Against Boys

2012 / d. Austin Chick
skullskullskull          7

While the story may not appeal to everyone, and some may feel that this type of rape-revenge has been done before, I believe the minor differences in this film go a long way to set it apart. There is one clear victim and even though her actions are heavily influenced by a “wild card” character so to speak, her reactions to her own behaviour are not typically that of the victims we are used to seeing in this subgenre. The mental state of the characters ranges from enjoyment to indifference with little regret and, at times, it creates a very twisted form of comic relief. With beautiful cinematography, very stylized and not at all gritty as one would expect, I only found myself disappointed with a few slow motion shots toward the end. These shots were great in the beginning, but when the story progression is already slow, the last thing I wanted was each individual shot matching the pace. Good performances and a solid amount of blood. The last death was my personal fave.