Behind the Mask

2006 / d. Scott Glosserman
Sure, self-aware horror films are all the rage now… but back in the day, BEHIND THE MASK was a trailblazer. In the midst of an era which was dominated by horror remakes and rehashings, filmmaker/writer Scott Glosserman not only created a new and original “movie maniac” but was also able to inject a brilliant deconstruction of the entire horror genre. It’s filled with enough cameos and horror in-jokes to make all genre fans giddy, and even places our beloved Robert Englund in the role of a pseudo-Sam Loomis. Half documentary, half theatrical presentation, but entirely entertaining and enormously engrossing. Proof that intelligent moviemaking is still alive and well… you just need a shovel to extricate it from beneath the piles of festering, maggot-ridden remake-meat. Qu’est-ce que c’est?