Bio-Cop (Short, 2012)

Written & Directed by: Steven Kostanski (Father’s Day, Manborg)
Produced by: The Astron-6 Team (Father’s Day, Manborg)
Robert Homer
Rick Cordeiro (Outlaw Bikers)
Adam Brooks (Father’s Day, Manborg)
Matthew Kennedy (Father’s Day, Manborg)
Marko Balaban

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Coming soon to video disc! Bio-Cop is an epic five-minute trailer of pure ooey gooey excellence! There really is no professional sounding way to describe slime, melting flesh and organ rot. I’m going to say that again — organ rot. I am so happy right now. Anyway, a freak lab accident takes a nasty turn, leaving a  once-normal-man horribly mutilated and unable to die. Physically indestructible, but plagued with intense emotional problems, this newly declared super-cop is sent to rid the streets of a super-drug. Unfortunately this walking bio-hazard has a serious death wish — for himself, and everyone he comes in contact with.

Quick test for my twitter followers- What are three of my favorite things? If you said Gore, Laughter and The 80’s… you’re right! While viewing this film, my eyes experienced a visual orgasm so satisfying, they were left soggy and emotionless for days. From the mist rising off the slick city streets, to the combination of pink and blue lighting against a dark shadowy industrial backdrop — every atmospheric element worked together perfectly to convince me that I was watching an instant 80’s classic. It was as if I had dusted off one of the VHS tapes from my shelf and loaded it to the VCR. The epic voice-over and music accompany hilarious snippets of dialogue that tell the story of this walking catastrophe. It’s not surprising that the make-up effects are fantastic since the writer/director Steven Kostanski is also a well known FX artist. Gore-hounds will not be disappointed as this short contains facial explosions, vomit, tissue regeneration, gun violence, blood, mutation, mutilation and a human being eaten alive.

An instant classic and a definite favorite!

*This film was screened at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival this past week. We’ll keep you posted, and let you know how you can check it out in the near future!