Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 2

Created by Joss Whedon

Before I start I have to withdraw a few of my comments from the previous review that I made about season 2. I did make it seem that it really was a long, cheesy chick flick but that’s only a few episodes. It had been a while since I watched the season, and I remember the girly parts dragging a lot more than they did. There were only a few episodes where the Buffy/ Angel relationship got a little too heavy for my liking. I also left out one thing about the DVD menu that carries on to this season as well. If you have Netflix, I recommend you watch the seasons there rather than on DVD because the DVD menus are really annoying. For starters there isn’t a “Play All” option, which is irritating. Not only that but the first two seasons have a dumb cinematic thing that plays every time you switch from an episode menu to the main menu and back again. It is a real pain because you end up spending a few minutes just trying to switch to the next episode. A fine example of what the Internet memes call, “First World Problems”.

Story Arc and Big Bad
There really isn’t much of a main story happening in the back ground until Angelus shows up. Angel loses his soul and without it he goes back to his old bloodthirsty ways and becomes Angelus. Angelus teams up with new Big Bads Spike and Drusilla to form one of the best combinations of villains the show sees. It’s a good thing their story line is so good, because up to that point in the season the writers aren’t playing the Monster of the Week format very well. It’s really a boring first half of the season, with very few episodes that actually stand out from episodes from other seasons.

Spike and Dru

Spike and Dru

Our main characters develop more and more as the show continues. The biggest you’ll notice in this season is Cordelia, starting from the first episode of Season 2 “When She Was Bad”, where she has her first redeemable moment in the series. The further into the show you get the more she grows on you, until the end of her run on Angel where you’re absolutely in love with her. I also have to mention the introduction of some lesser characters that end up becoming series regulars in later seasons. We’ll start with Oz, played by Seth Green. Willow’s smart, sarcastic, musically inclined, Werewolf love interest. His dry and sarcastic wit is perfectly delivered by Green, and he quickly became one of my favourite characters.
Nobody can simultaneously terrify you and make you laugh as much as the power couple that is Spike and Dru. Juliette Landeau plays the insane and evil character of Drusilla so convincingly, and James Marsters is so funny and lovable despite being pure evil. I’d also like to thank Marsters personally for not having his security attack me the time I literally bumped into him at Fan Expo in Toronto. I was waiting in line for the Spike and Dru panel, which I unfortunately was way too late to get into. Just when I had given up waiting to get in I turned to leave and physically ran into Marsters. I apologized and said hi and he said hi back and awkwardly waved. The look on his face said “Thank you for not attacking me.” It was a pretty awesome moment for this young nerd, despite the awkwardness. Back to the review though, he is an incredible actor in every thing I’ve seen him in. Whether he’s Spike, Brainiac or making out with John Barrowman on Torchwood he is always an enjoyable reoccurring actor in nerd culture.
I also want to take a moment to talk about Angelus. As someone who didn’t really like Angel in season 1, this is the point where I realized Angel is actually an interesting character and David Boreanez is an insanely good actor. Watching him turn evil Angel on and off is so impressive. He is a truly terrifying villain.

Angelus and Willow in "Innocence"

Angelus and Willow in “Innocence”

Bests and Worsts
The best episodes of this season were fairly obvious choices for me. “Innocence” and the finale episodes “Becoming Part 1 and 2” were far better than any other episode from this season. The finale was a perfect ending to not only a season, but to a tragic love story. Between the acting from Gellar and Boreanez, the fight choreography, and the incredible story unfolding, “Becoming” is a truly captivating two-part episode. Joss Whedon has said in interviews that Innocence is one of his favourite episodes. The idea of being in love with someone and seeing them change right before your eyes is an idea that is relatable to most young people in love, and Whedon depicts it perfectly. Aside from those episodes, this season does fall short in many episodes. As I mentioned before they don’t play the monster of the week format very well this time around. The monsters are either very boring or embarrassingly cheesy, and this is coming from someone who enjoys some cheese with his horror.

Closing Thoughts
Season 2 isn’t my favourite season. As I did with the last review I’ll rate it in comparison to the other seasons. I would say that this season is my fifth favourite out of the seven seasons of BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER.

Coming Soon
Season 3! One of my favourite seasons! Lots of Oz, lots of Faith, and of course, Mayor Richard Wilkins!