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How to Contact Us

We love hearing from other horror fans! The best way to reach us is either by commenting directly on our reviews and articles, or by sending us an email at:

If you are looking to submit content to be published on the Blood Theatre website, or are looking to become a regular contributor, please email us with the subject heading “STAFF”, along with two or three examples of your writing. When it doubt, use the reviews we’ve already featured as a guide for the length and tone we generally look for in a submission.

We look forward to hearing from you!



If you have a film that you would like us to review, send us an e-mail to

Please include:

-Your name


-A brief synopsis of your film


We will then contact you with our mailing information where a hard copy of  your screener can be sent.

We will contact you when your film is received and again once it is reviewed to request an interview.