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Matthew T.As a lifelong horror fan, I wanted to combine my interests in graphic design, creative writing, and my love of the horror genre — the result: the Blood Theatre.
How I Got Into Horror: As a child of the 80s, during the slasher boom, it was impossible not to be a horror fan! You couldn’t set foot into a video store without being face-to-face with a new release poster for some “Friday the 13th” or “Nightmare on Elm Street” sequel. On a fateful Halloween night, many full-moons ago, my dad and I sat down and watched three films back-to-back-to-back: Halloween, Friday the 13th, and A Nightmare on Elm Street. I’ve been hooked ever since. Pun intended!

Position: Editor
Favourite Horror Films: Halloween (1978), Night of the Living Dead (1968)
Recently: Illustrated the first issue of the official Manborg Comic
Twitter: @mctherrien


amesHi. The name is Ames and I like to shoot people. My top 5 favorite things include: HORROR, Photography, Writing, Candy and Pron. One day, I would like to combine all of these things into a beautiful, well-lit, on-location project.
How I Got Into Horror: By the time I was 4, my older brother introduced me to films such as Friday the 13th, Child’s Play and Pet Cemetery. My father introduced me to films such as Jaws, Alien and Halloween. I still remember family movie night watching the very first Scream together. With this comes my undying love for cheesy gore, suspense and all horror across the board.

Position: Contributing Writer
Favourite Horror Film: A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)
Twitter: @AmiLaDeDa


alioopsAli saw her first horror film, Full Moon Entertainment’s CRASH AND BURN when she was six years old. Yes that is pretty young, but her brother was only 4 so that’s a lot worse. This is what happens when parents rent a movie for themselves and leave it right beside the one they rented for the kids. Forbidden to watch horror movies after that, she, like anyone else who has ever been told they can’t do something, went ahead and did it anyway. That and her love of the film HALLOWEEN is what landed her here at The Blood Theatre. Writing and co-editing the site as a hobby, she has a background in FX make-up and currently works in talent management.

Position: Co-Editor
Favourite Horror Film: Halloween (1978), Halloween 2 (1981) & American Psycho (2000)
Twitter: @AJFaucher


RyanShredi is living proof that 6 is an appropriate age for “Godzilla vs. the Smog Monster”, 9 is okay for Night of the Living Dead and 13 is fair game for “Guinea Pig”.  Since then he has sought out the most obscure, depraved, disgusting (and cheap!) movies ever made in the hopes that someone…anyone…will watch with him.  His most prized possession is a VHS copy of “Nailgun Massacre”, his favourite smell is “Chinese bootleg” and he strongly believes that Lloyd Kaufman deserves an Oscar just for being Lloyd Kaufman.  Shredi is also a musician and an as yet unpublished author.


Position: Staff Writer
Favourite film
: Night of the Living Dead(1968)
Twitter: @Shredi_Knight



Jjarrodarrod might not watch a lot of horror, but he sure likes to play it: from the original Alone In The Dark on PC, to Castlevania on the NES, to the classic Resident Evil on PSX, J-Rod has grown up being scared by just about every system! As a Journalism student (when he’s not fumbling around Silent Hill), he enjoys writing and giving his opinion even when you don’t ask for it! He’s also scared of Twitter. For now…



Position: Contributing Writer
Favourite Horror Films
: Psycho (1960), The Thing (1982), Hellraiser (1987)
Favourite Horror Games: System Shock 2 (1999), Silent Hill 2 (2001), Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly (2003)
Twitter: @JarrodC24



DrewCGreetings people of earth and other visitors,

My name is Drew and I like stuff that plays on the TV and movies about monsters and stuff. I’ve been a fan of horror movies since that one time I watched all of the Friday the 13th movies and recorded them using my VCR for later viewing pleasures.  My love for horror only grew from here as I explored deeper into all of the different sub genres of horror films. My personal favourites would be science fiction and B-movies (not to be confused with Jason X). If you are ever forced into awkward small talk with me, just casually bring up Doctor Who and I will take care of the uncomfortable silence. Aside from horror movies and Doctor Who, Drew also enjoys comic books, board games, iced tea and switching from first person to third mid-paragraph.

Position: Contributing Writer
Favourite Horror Films: Evil Dead, Alien and Scream



derekWith a major in Professional Writing, Derek actually keeps things unprofessional at all times. He’s a self-proclaimed writer, a horror and sci-fi enthusiast, a music aficionado, and an avid lover of tea.



Position: Contributing Writer
Favourite Horror Film
: Black Christmas (1974)