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Monster Movie Monday

A note from the editor. . .
Here at the Blood Theatre, we have a tradition: MONSTER MOVIE MONDAYS. Every Monday night, a group of us gather together and share in our mutual love of horror. This weekly ritual has been a much-enjoyed event for a long time now, and we greatly encourage you to join us in our Monster Movie Mondays by adding them to your week as well!

When you see this symbol on a review, it means that the film was viewed during a Monster Movie Monday gathering and earned our seal of approval. The seal is awarded to films that provide an excellent group viewing experience. It may not seem like a big deal but it makes a difference. Not all films work in group settings, but in our experience, these ones thrive on it!


On Location: Cast and Crew Screening of THE THING (2011)

On Friday, September 30th, Matthew and Ali attended a Toronto screening of the upcoming movie: THE THING, scheduled to hit theatres on October 14th. The Blood Theatre is happy to present an inside glimpse as they report back on what they saw.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Let us start by saying this: the trailer does not do this film justice.

Ali: When I first saw the trailer, I thought that it was way too reminiscent of John Carpenter’s THE THING. I really hoped they weren’t trying to make a modernized replica and just pass it off as a prequel. I also thought that Mary Elizabeth Winstead was not a good fit for the lead because the shots used of her in the trailer depicted her as dull and lifeless. This was disappointing to me as I work for one of the casting directors and had already read the script. I knew it was unique but the trailer really didn’t reflect that. So while my friends and colleagues eagerly awaited its release, I felt my enthusiasm waning. Boy was I in for a treat! As it turns out, this film really impressed me. I walked out of the theatre feeling completely satisfied. I was so glad that my first impressions were wrong and I couldn’t wait to write about how great the experience was!

Matthew: I agree with everything that Ali said… the trailer is incredibly deceptive, which is either going to work for the film, or against it. The trailer left it very ambiguous as to whether the film was seeking to be a “remake”, a “prequel”, a “re-envisioning”, or some sort of fusion of all three. The fear that members of the horror and film community seem to have based on watching the trailer is that it is going to be almost shot-for-shot just a complete rehashing of John Carpenter’s classic. I think the most important thing for people to gain from our review of the film is this: it is very clear that the movie was made by true fans of John Carpenter’s THE THING, and they handled his material very tastefully without ever blatantly ripping it off. There were many, many subtle homages to the 1982 version, but the film was in every sense of the word, a well-crafted PREQUEL which ties into the Carpenter film perfectly.

Shot at Pinewood Studios in Toronto, with additional exterior shots filmed at a gravel pit that had been converted into an Antarctic landscape, the crew really had their work cut out for them and you best believe they delivered. It looks incredible.

While this film may contain some of the same elements – isolation, bad weather, people dying one by one, stress levels rising causing people to turn against each other and of course brutal, graphic and disgusting aliens bursting from the confines of human flesh — it is still, in fact, a different movie.

The acting is very good on all accounts. Matthijs van Heijningen Jr. really did an excellent job of allowing the characters to develop before the horror takes over.

Ali: The Norwegian actors stole the show. Lars and Jonas really stood out for me. I was delighted by their on-screen presence. Since Ames and I did our list of romantic horror and I rambled about my attraction to Kurt Russell and pretty much any full bearded man with kind features and intense eyes, I should probably point out that they make them in ginger too *drools*

Matthew: I think it’s important to look at a film like this, which takes a remote, isolated setting, and packs in a pretty large cast. There you’ve got around a dozen characters which vary in terms of on-screen importance, and yet throughout the film the character development was handled so well, you not only knew who each character was, but you also cared and cheered them on — hoping they get out of each perilous situation. If you contrast that with, for example, a later Friday the 13th sequel in which the majority of the cast become easily forgettable victims, you really appreciate the time it took to flesh out each character. It’s only horrifying and tense if, for whatever reason, you want the person in danger to survive.

Now to the good stuff – the gore. It is full of perfectly balanced practical effects and CGI. And, as any fan of John Carpenter’s THE THING could guess: there is fire. Lots and lots of fire. Blood everywhere. Impalments, melting flesh, oozing liquids, and a whole plethora of grotesque delights for the eyes. Alien parts all fluttering about waiting to rip the skin from your face. Viewers beware!

Matthew: Another fear that seems to be surrounding this film is the use of CGI effects — namely, is computer animation overused, thus making the creature effects look fake and taking away the “realism” that dominated the 1982 film. The answer is a very astounding “no”. Hats off to the creative team behind the visual effects, in particular the concept artists who came up with the various disturbing, mutated versions of the creature. There are some really memorable effects, and overall, this horror fan certainly wasn’t disappointed!

Ali: There are times when the CGI is so obvious and in your face. Normally I would hate that, but honestly, this is the first time that my brain noted it and then accepted it and moved on how freakin’ cool it was.

But the thing that really stood out, the thing that really left you feeling irked and uneasy, the thing that really made us cringe when we fancy ourselves the un-cringe-able, is the sound The Thing makes. The petrifying screeching screams of epic proportions that flood your eardrums with every glance of this slimy disgusting mid-mutating creature.

Ali: I can hear it in my head right now. I can feel the sounds reverberating up my spine…I feel cold…

Matthew: It’s okay, Ali… it’ll all be over soon…

All in all this was a win, and we really hope it does well during its theatrical run. We encourage all horror/sci-fi/thriller/action fans to go and check it out, especially if you are already a fan of the previous films. As fans ourselves, we found the end of this one to be a real treat…so don’t get up from your seat until the lights come back on.


Canadian Film Festival Resources

The Blood Theatre is all about horror movies. In order for that to continue we need to keep them coming! If there is anything we can do to help a filmmaker get exposure for their film, we want to help. We’ve compiled a list of Canadian film festivals to which Horror and Sci-fi films are considered. This list will be updated regularly.

Although this list is for Canadian festivals, many of them accept international entries. We recommend using WITHOUTABOX to extend your search and take advantage of the entry fee discounts.

The following festivals are listed in order of nearest deadline:

The Female Eye Film Festival
Toronto, ON
June 20th-June 24th, 2013 Genre:  Any Genre, All Lengths
Submission Deadline:
August 31st, October 31st (Late)
Submission Details:

Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF)
: Toronto, Ontario
When:  September 6th-16th, 2013
Genres: Any Genre, All Lengths
Submission Deadline: April 27th, 2013, Final – May 25th (Can) and  June 1st (Int’l)
Submission Details:

Fantasia International Film Festival
Montreal, Quebec
July 18-August 6, 2013
Any genre, All Lengths, unique films preferred
Submission Deadline: May 3rd, 2013

Submission Details:

Edmonton International Film Festival 
Where: Edmonton, Alberta
When: September 26th -October 5th, 2013
Genres: Any Genre, All Lengths
Submission Deadline: TBD *Call for Entries opens Feb 15th 2013*
Submission Details:

Toronto After Dark Film Festival
Toronto, ON
October 17th-25th, 2013
Horror, Sci-fi, Action & Cult Films
Submission Deadline: TBD

Submission Details:

Dark Bridges Film Festival
Saskatoon, SK
Sept 26th-29th 2013
Any Genre, All Lengths
Submission Deadline: June 30th, 2013

Submission Deatails:

Vancouver Asian Film Festival
Vancouver, BC
When: TBD

Any Genre, Director, Writer and/or Producer must be of Asian heritage
Submission Deadline: TBD

Submission Details:

The World Film Festival – Montreal
When: TBD
Any genre, All Lengths
Submission Deadline: TBD

Submission Details:

Atlantic Film Festival
Where: Halifax, Nova Scotia
When: TBD
Genres: Fiction, Documentary, Animation or Experimental, Any length
Submission Deadlines: TBD
Submission Details:

Cinefest Sudbury
Sudbury, ON
When: TBD

Any Genre, All Lengths
Submission Deadlines: TBD

Submission Details:

Antimatter Film Festival
Victoria, BC
Any Genre, All Lengths
Submission Deadline: TBD

Submission Details:

St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival
St. John’s, NL
Any Genre, Must be written, directed and/or produced by a woman
Submission Deadline: TBD

Submission Details:

: Toronto, Ontario
When: April 25-May 5, 2013
Genres: Documentary only, both Canadian and international, all lengths, all subject matter
Submission Deadline:  January 13, 2013 (CLOSED)
Submission Details:

NSI Online Short Film Festival
When: New films added once a week for a year
Genres: Any Genre, must be Canadian, no longer than 30 mins
Submission Deadline: January 4th, 2013 (CLOSED)
Submission Details:

Kingston Canadian Film Festival
Kingston, Ontario
When: Feb 28th – Mar 3rd, 2013
Genres: Any, must be Canadian, both shorts and feature length
Submission Deadline: CLOSED for 2013
Submission Details:

Dawson City International Short Film Festival
Where: Dawson City, Yukon
When: March 28th-31st, 2013
Genres: Any Genre, 30 minutes or less
Submission Deadline: CLOSED for 2013
Submission Details


Now on Pinterest!

All the ladies love Pinterest, and our lady writers have finally twisted our arms into joining. What!? They’re a lot stronger than they look!

So join us, follow us, like us, pin us, we’ll pin you, we promise it will be weird…but fun.



What’s that? You don’t have Pinterest? No tears please, it’s a waste of good suffering. Just comment to let us know and we will send you an invite.


Nightbreed: The Cabal Cut

The restoration and preservation of films is extremely important in order to protect the hard work and creativity of filmmakers but also in order to protect a piece of our artistic history. We have a great respect and admiration for those who strive to obtain such goals, especially those who are driven purely by passion.

Mark Miller and Russell Cherrington and the many people who have contributed to their cause are extremely passionate about this film and what they believe it can be. Sign the online petition to support the full restoration of NIGHTBREED: THE CABAL CUT – the way the way Clive Barker intended you to see it and restored the way your eyes would want to see it.

Sign it here:
Join their FB group – Occupy Midian –
Follow on Twitter: @occupymidian

Please Please PLEASE Sign!!!

ALSO check out Matthew T.’s blog about the film:

Now for your viewing pleasure, here is a video from a fellow audience member who attended last night’s screening at the TIFF Bell Lightbox. Please enjoy this Q&A as they’re video quality is far better than ours… I’m not blaming my blackberry, except that I am.


Devil’s Night

Hey guys!

Here is our current poster for our upcoming short DEVIL’S NIGHT.

Casting was completed this weekend and all the prep work is under way. More details to come :)


Devil’s Night: Behind the Scenes

After an intensive and fast-paced shooting schedule, we are currently well into post-production on our horror short: DEVIL’S NIGHT (starring Keith Assoun, Monica Zelak, and Jamieson Child), and thought it might be fun to release a quick glimpse into what went on behind the scenes. Check out the photo stills taken by our own Ames on our Facebook page HERE! And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter: @thebloodtheatre

(Please note: video contains much profanity).


Halloween with The Blood Theatre

We hope your Halloween Holiday was swell! We’ve definitely sworn off candy for a while and tonight we’ll have to start dis-assembling our outdoor decor. But before we mourn the end of the greatest time of the year, let’s first reflect quickly on how awesome it was. Here are a few photos of our Halloween antics. Please feel free to tweet, share or email us photos of your costumes and events! We would love to see and share them! 

View the full album on our FB Page HERE



A Blood Theatre Guide to Valentine’s Day

So Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and you have nothing prepared. Dropped the ball once again did ya? Well that’s alright, because I am here to help. Just follow this guide to make this Valentine’s Day, next Valentine’s day, even just a random Tuesday UNFORGETTABLE. Be sure to include each of the elements listed below for ultimate satisfaction!

She's going to make you work for it.  (My Bloody Valentine 3D)

She’s going to make you work for it.
(My Bloody Valentine 3D)

Whether you are in a relationship, or looking for love this Valentine’s Day, the important thing to remember is that women enjoy being sought after. It’s all about the chase.

This is an easy step to conquer if you are on the single side of things: you met someone earlier this week, you exchanged numbers (maybe texted back and forth); you look her up on facebook, find out where she works, then show up with flowers and ask her to “be mine” or whatever.

Remember, COURTING is just a fancy old fashion word for STALKING! (Halloween)

Remember, COURTING is just a fancy old fashion word for STALKING! (Halloween)

She may resist, or she may seem like she is not interested, but don’t be fooled! This is called “playing hard to get”. It just means she wants to be courted like in olden times and the days of yore. This is where a truly dedicated romantic will lay it on thick. Follow her. Show up randomly every place she goes. Present her with various gift throughout the day. Always be one step ahead of her, this way you’re always ready to open doors. She may think that you are sweet and thoughtful and agree to a Valentine’s date; or she may think that you are annoying and trying way too hard, but will agree to the date just so you stop pestering her – either way it’s a win!

Secret Admirer notes are classic!

Secret Admirer notes are classic!

Maybe you’re shy and would rather admire her from a distance. This is where you play the “secret admirer” card. This card can also be played by those of you who are already in relationships, and are looking to spice things up with an unexpected chase element. Instead of texts, leave anonymous notes. Instead of showing up with flowers, leave them on the hood of her car. Instead of opening doors, leave her a mystery key and let her find the door herself. Don’t forget the element of surprise- a good chase always has a surprise. While she’s trying to figure out who the secret admirer is, you’ll be breaking into her apartment to set up the next phase of this unforgettable date.

"Surprise!" (The Shining)

“Surprise!” (The Shining)

This holiday is about classic romance, and returning to a simpler time, back when men really had to work at it. It’s not as difficult as you may think. Remember, courting is just a fancy old fashion word for stalking.

It’s important to create the ideal atmosphere when preparing to woo your mate. Make sure to really give it some thought. You will want the mood to reflect your passion, but also appeal to her interests. Consider decor for example; does she like flowers?

By the lake, under the stars- atmosphere is everything! (Jaws)

By the lake, under the stars- atmosphere is everything! (Jaws)

Huey Lewis, Phil Collins, Whitney Houston - mood music! (American Psycho)

Huey Lewis, Phil Collins, Whitney Houston – mood music! (American Psycho)

Would rose petals be a nice touch? Are you setting a table for a more classy display? Or is she outdoorsy and interested in a romantic picnic? The beach is another option- blankets, a small bonfire for two, and then skinny dipping in the lake.

Music is something you will want to consider as well. Choose a CD or individual songs of a mellow tone. If you want a more upbeat sound, some smooth jazz featuring those sexy saxophone sounds will do the trick. Another option would be to play the music live, if you are equipped and able. Every girl loves a musician, and it also counts as a great gift.

Gotta love a man who can cook!

Gotta love a man who can cook!

Cause nothing says lovin’ like a home cooked meal straight out of the oven! Putting the effort into cooking a delicious meal is something that no girl can take for granted. You’ll want to include aromatic delicacies and foods that are considered aphrodisiacs.

Not a very practical meal-to-go. (Bad Taste)

Not a very practical meal-to-go. Far to heavy for a picnic basket (Bad Taste)

A meal is best enjoyed fresh out of the oven, but if you need to cook it in advance and take it on your outing, just make sure you’ve prepared something  versatile enough to eat without fine dining utensils.

Don't rush through dinner-  savor the flavor! (Waxwork)

Don’t rush through dinner- savor the flavor! (Waxwork)

Ignite the senses by including appetizers that you can eat with your fingers. You could also try blind folding your date and feeding her so that she may take in all flavors and aromas with her heightened senses of smell and taste. Romance calls for a sensual experience and dinner is the best place to start.


There are many entertainment options available when planning a date. The aforementioned Skinny Dipping and musical performances are among them, but here are a few more ideas to get your wheels turning.

Musicians are sexy! (Phantom of the Opera)

Musicians are sexy! (Phantom of the Opera)

Watch a movie. While it seems like a modern idea, somewhat out of the realm of classic courtship, it is an easy and safe option when you are planning last minute. Choosing the right film can help set the appropriate mood. A romantic comedy, for example, can help save face if maybe dinner didn’t go as well as you had hoped. Meanwhile, a dramatic romance can help set the mood for where you hoped the evening would go after dinner.  Watching a movie is also considered foreplay in the dating world.

Acupuncture is key in this Romantic Comedy! (Audition)

A sensual massage. Classic right? But maybe this option is a little too out dated. Why not try something new, like acupuncture! It’s a great way to release tension and relax. This will help you reach your ideal comfort level before moving on to the next step.

Rub a dub dub, don't bleed in the tub. (A Nightmare on Elm Street)

Rub a dub dub, don’t bleed in the tub. (A Nightmare on Elm Street)



Take a romantic bubble bath. Continue appealing to the senses by using sweet smelling oils and salts, and light scented candles because we all look our best in candle light. Of course baths can be long, forcing the evening to progress slowly. There is, however, a much more productive approach.

Wet and wild! (Crash and Burn)

Wet and wild! (Crash and Burn)

Take a shower. Hot and steamy! Now we’re in the fast lane speeding toward pleasure city! This is the best way to get clean and dirty at the same time. Just don’t get too comfortable, you’ll want to consider the consequences before you go dropping any soap.

Board games can be fun! (Witchboard)

Board games can be fun! (Witchboard)



Play a Game. This is a good way to lighten the mood if things are moving a little too fast for you. Board games, card games, video games, these are all excellent ways to have a few laughs and really bond with each other. And we all know what comes after bonding…

Don't forget the safe word! (Hellraiser)

Don’t forget the safe word! (Hellraiser)

Bondage. If this is a first date, then this could definitely be a deal breaker. But for long term couples, this is a guaranteed way to end a perfect evening. If you don’t already have leather and chains, they would make a great gift!

"But wait! I got this for you!" A chainsaw is a very practical gift.  (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre)

“But wait! I got this for you!” A chainsaw is a very practical gift.
(The Texas Chainsaw Massacre)




Some people prefer useful gifts, things they can use in day to day life. I fall into this category for sure. I’m not one for expensive jewelry and or electronics, and I hate to shop so gift cards are out of the question. But I definitely love receiving household appliances or anything I can use to make life easier.

Hypoallergenic AND homemade! (The Human Centipede)

Hypoallergenic AND homemade! (The Human Centipede)

A pet is something most girls would enjoy. While it’s a sweet gesture, it also appears to them as a sign that you are ready for a bigger commitment. Taking care of a pet together is a huge step, so be sure to think about that first. Also allergies can be a problem, so do your research and make sure your gift isn’t going to kill anyone. If a pet is too much, then just make something. Homemade gifts are just as special!

Throw a singles dinner party and let your freak flag fly! (Freaks)

Throw a singles dinner party and let your freak flag fly! (Freaks)

So maybe you’re single and would like to mingle, but not necessarily with just one person. You could throw a singles dinner party! Although the idea is great, these things never quite turn out the way you want them to. I mean if you knew a plethora of interesting single people, you wouldn’t be planning this party. Even so, it’s a fantastic way to get all your love-challenged friends together to piss and moan about how much you hate love and the people who celebrate it.

Valentine's Day web chats are clothing optional! (V/H/S)

Valentine’s Day web chats are clothing optional! (V/H/S)

Maybe you aren’t single, but you are unable to wine and dine your partner because of your long distance relationship. Regardless, you still have to put in the effort. This is where old fashioned courtship is out, and modern technology is in. Webcam it up; Be fun, creative and sexy; make some sort of weird Parisian back drop, throw on a beret, and feast on baguettes and cheese while you talk in a fake french accent. It’s the thought that counts.



Canadian Toycon March 2013

This past Sunday we managed to get all of our current contributing writers in one place! We set up a booth at Canadian Toycon in Burlington to display our website and show off some of Matthew T.’s fantastic horror art. We met a lot of great people, made some new friends and ending up having a blast!

BT Gang (L to R) Drew, Shredi Knight, Ali, J-Rod, UncannyDerek & Matthew T.

BT Gang (L to R) Drew, Shredi Knight, Ali, J-Rod, UncannyDerek & Matthew T.

Around noon we had the pleasure of speaking on a horror panel with a few other guests; Mask Maker Monster Matt Paterson; Author J.M. Frey; Casper Van Dien of STARSHIP TROOPERS fame; and star of THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE 1 & 2, the lovely Ashlynn Yennie. We discussed various topics such as the psychological aspects of horror, horror in TV, and we learned a lot about how we all came to be horror fans. The common thread of concern across the table seemed to be with kids. From Ashlynn’s nephew to Casper’s son and daughters, we discussed their hesitations and “how much is too much?” The panel moderator, Paul Quinn, recorded the entire discussion which you can now find HERE.

Ashlynn Yennie with a knitted human centipede made by BT firend Cassie Leigh. Contact us if you would like to order one from Cassie!

Ashlynn Yennie with a knitted human centipede made by BT friend Cassie Leigh. Contact us if you would like to order one from Cassie!

After the panel we stopped by the Black Fawn Distribution table for a quick chat and picked up a DVD copy of the film DEVIL’S NIGHT starring Danielle Harris. We should have a review up on that by next week. We learned that Black Fawn will be at Shock Stock in London Ontario next month to promote their newest release DEAD ALL NIGHT. So if you are attending Shock Stock the weekend of April 12th, stop by their booth and pick up a copy, maybe we’ll see you there!

We encountered some great horror themed toys- Freddys, Jasons, and my personal fave was a Chucky doll that I had never encountered before. Some die hard HELLRAISER fans made off with prints of Matthew T.’s Pinhead. Since there was such a great response to his art, Matt has made some prints available on etsy: 

All in all it was a great day and we plan on attending future Toycons down the road and maybe organizing another panel since it was so much fun. Photo coverage of the event was done by our friends at Check out their photos, event coverage and their interview with Casper Van Dien! (Featured image provided by Marc Daniel Photography/GeekChicElite)


Amerian Mary Variant Poster

Greetings, friends! Blood Theatre co-editor Matthew T. presents an all-new poster of the month! This month is a variant on the spectacular Soska sisters’ American Mary! If you like what you see, show him some love by visiting his official website, checking out his blog, or sending him a message on Twitter.

Have a request for a poster? Leave a comment or hit us up on the Twitters! :)




black-BG-logoRaven Banner Entertainment & Cineplex Entertainment present Sinister Cinema.You will have the opportunity to check out some amazing films, for one night only, at select theatres across Canada. If you are local to Toronto, you can catch them at the Cineplex at Yonge and Dundas.


The Last Will and Testament of Rosalind Leigh – Thursday May 9th

The ABC’s of Death – Thursday May 23rd

American Mary – Thursday May 30th

No One Lives – Wednesday June 19th


What’s with August and being Underground?

BT Gang (L to R) Drew, Shredi Knight, Ali, J-Rod, UncannyDerek & Matthew T.

BT Gang (L to R) Drew, Shredi Knight, Ali, J-Rod, UncannyDerek & Matthew T.

Hi Friends!

You may have noticed, or not noticed, the lack of updates to the site over the last few months. Well here’s what’s been going on:

-Editor Matthew T. has been busy illustrating the OFFICIAL MANBORG COMIC! Now that it’s no longer a secret we can share some of the awesomeness with you in the form of teaser images. Read the official press release HERE.

-Ali has been busy planning her and Matthew T’s Friday the 13th wedding ceremony, followed by their Shining themed reception, followed by their haunted horror honeymoon road trip. This is all happening in September so expect lots of haunted house reviews and photos from various awesome locations. Ali has also been writing some short film scripts which has kept her busy outside of her day job as a caped crusader.

-Shredi Knight has moved to Belgium. We hope this will broaden our horizons and allow us to host reviews of obscure films no one has ever heard of. He’ll be pretty busy though, so we’ll have to see.

-Drew has been busy writing for the GCE, which included doing their San Diego Comic Con coverage.

-J-Rod spends a lot of his time with ghosts. Seriously not kidding. So he hasn’t had much time to review. Perhaps he should write an article on his encounters for the site *hint* *hint*

-UncannyDerek watched Black Christmas again for the millionth time last night. If we can get him to watch anything else we’ll let you know.

-Ames’ life has been chaotic, and now it’s shark week, so we’ve lost her. She’ll resurface eventually.

Summer is busy here. There has been a serious lack of horror viewings, but we hope this will soon change.
*Moments after I posted this update, Ames submitted a Jaws review. How freaky is that?


FAMILIAR Now Appearing on FEARnet!

official-posterfFATAL PICTURES’ FAMILIAR is now appearing on FEARnet

 as it unleashes over 30 shocking short films in 2013, featuring star studded festival favorites, rarely seen gems, and much more!


Coming Soon: HEIR from Fatal Pictures

HEIR_One_SheetFATAL PICTURES in association with RED SNEAKERS MEDIA presents
The final short film from FATAL PICTURES

From Richard Powell and Zach Green’s Fatal Pictures, the company that brought you the critically acclaimed, award winning horror shorts WORM and FAMILIAR, comes their
new and final short film “HEIR”, a touching tale of father and son.

Starring the Emmy award winning Bill Oberst Jr. (ABRAHAM LINCOLN VS. ZOMBIES, TAKE THIS LOLLIPOP, CHILDREN OF SORROW) and Robert Nolan (SICK, WORM, FAMILIAR).

After connecting with a stranger of similar interests online, family man Gordon and his
son Paul, embark on an ill-fated road trip in which Gordon aims to indulge in a secret
passion. Before the day ends a horrible truth will be uncovered and a harsh lesson will
be learned.

Combining the best and brightest of their previous film, FAMLIAIR, with new and
accomplished collaborators (BILL OBERST JR, MARC ROUSSEL and RON
BASCH from Red Sneakers Media), HEIR is set to be a disturbing, practical FX
driven horror short which examines one of societies darkest taboos in a way only Fatal
Pictures can. HEIR stands to be their darkest, sharpest and most successful film to date!

Unlike many films seeking the support of filmmakers and film lovers across the various
crowd-funding platforms, they felt it appropriate to seek out and obtain some feedback
and insights on the HEIR screenplay first in order to reassure potential supporters that
they have the goods! Below are a few of the supportive and enthusiastic comments from a
cross section of the horror community including critics, festival directors, distributors and
cult horror actor Bill Oberst Jr. himself!

“HEIR promises to deliver a disgusting dose of Lovecraftian body-horror that will make
you squirm in more ways than one!” – Jason Thorson, (editor-in-chief of –

“Considering Familiar, its last work, I would say that Fatal Pictures will definitely bring us,
with Heir, a must-see short film. Graphically shocking and original with its body
modifications, i would bet it’ll be a great masterpiece. The horror in its very best form:
disturbing and unique.” – Nicolas Tonsho, – Fantaspoa International Film Festival

“A monstrous spin on an all-too-familiar tale of bad parenting.”
Alyse Wax, – FEARnet

“With HEIR, Fatal Pictures have planned a stunning and memorable swansong. Set to
delve into darker and more grotesque avenues than they have even ventured before,
HEIR is certainly going to be another sucker punch from one of the most exciting
independent studios out there. Be afraid, because you most definitely won’t be
prepared.” – Colin McCracken, – Zombie Hamster

“Powell is an unflinching examiner of the perversion of humanity that is born of our
deepest fears, doubts, regrets and hidden hurts. He reminds us we walk among the
wounded and mutated every day.” – Dave Pace Bonello, – Fangoria

“Powell and his producing partner Zach Green are breaking new and horrific ground with
HEIR. This project shows that the pair’s festival monster FAMILIAR was no fluke; Powell
and Green are in the vanguard of horror’s new cinematic masters. HEIR is an honest-to-
God, bonafide new notion of terror.” – Bill Oberst Jr.

“Ever since I had the pleasure of screening FAMILIAR last year, I became an
instantaneous fan of Richard Powell and his work. Richard’s ability to tell powerful
stories in short film format is incredible” – Heather Wixson, Founder – CineMayhem Film Festival

A crowd-funding campaign will begin shortly. Learn more about how you can get involved by visiting their various sites:

We will provide links to the crowd funding campaign once it has been launched.