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On March 10th, 2012, three friends embarked on a journey to see the film SILENT HOUSE. After the film, they grabbed take-out and sat around editor Matthew T.’s dinning room table for a discussion on… We’ve already said too much.

What you are about to hear is a recording of the incident.

Featured in this clip are BT staff members Matthew T., J-Rod & Ali

WARNING – Harsh language…stuff


      1. Podcast pt 1


      2. Podcast pt 2



The Fan Film Festival was officially canceled yesterday. There are a lot of disappointed filmmakers, including us, who were looking forward to seeing everyone’s work. We’ve uploaded our film to our youtube channel (bloodtheatrestage) so that everyone involved can see what they helped create in one night for a budget of $200. This is our first film, and we are happy with it. Thank you to our cast and crew, and thank you to those who take the time to watch it.



Episode 0 (Halloween 2 BluRay)

Join me (Matthew T.), Ali, and J-Rod as we sit down on a particularly dark and stormy night to discuss the latest Scream Factory BluRay release of Halloween 2! Listeners beware, there are spoilers during our discussion, but we assume that by now you’ve probably seen the Halloween series (and if not, you should be going out to rent the films and not listening to us talk about our fond memories of them!)

This podcast is the first time we’re using our brand new “intro” — so check it out and let us know what you think!

As always leave us a comment if you’ve got something to say, and we’ll be happy to get back to you. Enjoy!


Episode 1 – INSIDE & YEAH RITE

Here is the first official episode of our podcast. Up until now, all of our audio media has been pretty informal so we tightened it up to create a format where we discuss one feature film and follow up with what we call our “Special Feature” which changes every week between reviews of short films, books, video games, versus mode debates and top 5 lists.

This episode features host Matthew T. with Ali and J-Rod, discussing the french film INSIDE and doing a short film review of the Canadian Exorcism Comedy YEAH RITE!

Listen to the podcast here:

      1. BT_Podcast_ep1.mp3


–As discussed in the Podcast–

View the trailer for INSIDE: HERE

Check out our written review for YEAH RITE!: HERE

Watch our Horror short DEVIL’S NIGHT in the Fan Film Fest when it’s posted on Tuesday Oct. 16th

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Episode 2 – HIGH TENSION & Book Reviews

This week’s podcast discusses the film HIGHT TENSION as well as book reviews for Jaws, Rue Morgue’s Halloween Issue and Shock Value.

This episode features Ali hosting with regulars Matthew T. and J-Rod

Listen to the podcast here:

      1. BT_Podcast_Ep2.mp3








–As discussed in the Podcast–

View the trailer for HIGH TENSION: HERE

JAWS on Amazon: HERE

RUE MORGUE on their website: HERE


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Episode 3 – Trick ‘r’ Treat and Sinister

Happy Halloween! This special Halloween episode features the film Trick ‘r’ Treat as well as a brief discussion of the film Sinister. We also include our special feature 5 FTW!

We’ve got Matthew T., J-Rod, and Ali in on this one as per usual.

Listen to the podcast here:

      1. BT_Episode_3.mp3

–As discussed in the podcast–

View the trailer for TRICK ‘R’ TREAT: HERE

View the trailer for SINISTER: HERE

Top 5 Best costumes worn in movies:

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Horror Panel Podcast

Thanks to Paul Quinn for recording our horror panel at Canadian Toycon. This is the 5th episode in PCJ’s Podcast so check it out. Sorry if it’s not always clear, we had 10 people speaking on the panel, sometimes all at once.

This panel features J-Rod, Shredi Knight, Drew, Matthew T. Ali, Paul Quinn, Matt Paterson, Ashlynn Yennie, Casper Van Dien, JM Frey, Harsh language and possible spoilers.

Click the link to play: PCJ PODCAST

(Featured image courtesy of Marc Daniel Photography/GeekChicElite)


MMM – Cabin Fever

A Monster Movie Monday Gagreel brought to you by The Blood Theatre

Featured in this clip are BT members Matthew T., J-RodAli and MMM regulars Tim and Greg.

WARNING – Harsh language and …stuff

      1. Cabin Fever




MMM – Halloween 6

A Monster Movie Monday Gagreel brought to you by The Blood Theatre

This was the Producer’s Cut of Halloween 6. Featured in this clip are BT members Matthew T., J-RodAli.

WARNING – Harsh language and there may or may not have been alcohol involved…

      1. Halloween 6
Human Centipede 2 13

MMM – The Human Centipede 2

A Monster Movie Monday Gagreel brought to you by The Blood Theatre

Featured in this clip are BT members Matthew T., J-Rod & Ali

WARNING – Harsh language and …stuff

      1. HC2



Save the Date

This week we want to share a trailer that Matthew T. and Ali made for their wedding save the date. It’s fun and different, and if you already have all the materials then it saves you the cost of printing and postage.