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Editorial: February 29, 2012

Welcome horror fans, and on behalf of myself and the staff of the Blood Theatre, allow me to welcome you back to our brand new site! This latest version of the Blood Theatre has been in the works for quite some time, and is still being tweaked (so bear with us as we move over all the old content, and continue to add tons more new material for your viewing pleasure!) We have so many new and exciting things happening, I don’t even know where to begin!

Firstly, all of our reviews, articles, and special features can now be commented on! So please, don’t be shy and send us your feedback on our work — we love hearing from you! Also, we’re pleased to introduce new features to the website: Monster Movie Mondays, Versus Mode, and a new section for Horror Gaming! Monster Movie Mondays is a weekly tradition that we never miss here at the Blood Theatre! It’s the perfect excuse to gather together a group of friends, and share in all the gruesome gore that our favourite horror films offer us! Which is why we’ll be documenting our regular movie-viewing evenings. Versus Mode is a new feature we’re very excited about, started up by our newest staff writer: UncannyDerek! Every Friday we’ll be posting a new Versus Mode, in which we’ll pit two films against each other and see how they stack up side-by-side! And with all the recent horror themed video games being released, it just seemed like the right thing to do to devote a section on horror gaming.

Our messageboard will return shortly, allowing you to communicate with us, and horror fans worldwide, on a public forum dedicated to the genre we all love. Until then, as I mentioned, feel free to use our new comment section to leave your thoughts on the site and the films we’ve covered.

Once again, I hope you enjoy the newest incarnation of the Blood Theatre!

Until next time, horror fans: keep it bloody, keep it sick, and keep the gore flowing!

– Matthew T.


Editorial: February 2012

Love is in the air, horror fans! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner: that special time of year when you show that special someone just how much they mean to you by giving them your heart … or the ripped-out heart of a nearby victim, of course! Oh, jokes. But here at the Blood Theatre, we’re excited to usher in this sappy day with our own horror marathon, and as always, we’re interested in what you’ll be watching! A classic like “MY BLOODY VALENTINE”, or perhaps the ill-fated 2001 “VALENTINE”? We’ll be tweeting live all evening on February 14th, and hope to hear from you too, horror fanatics! Tell us what’s playing in your “screaming” room!

Also: don’t miss the chance to hang out with myself, Ali, and ShrediKnight as we check out a screening of the original SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE at the Toronto Underground, to celebrate Women in Horror month! It’s guaranteed to be a good time!

Today we’ve got a special new article from staff writer Ali, who is presenting us with a very important look at the most anticipated horror films of 2012 (and believe me, there are some ones that we at the BT are highly anticipating!) Don’t miss out on information about upcoming flicks like: World War Z, Paranormal Activity 4, and more! To read the full, gorydetails, click here! And if you like what you’ve read, follow Ali on Twitter!

We’ve got a bunch of brand new content coming your way this month! We have a new series of articles coming up by writer OptionalPlayer, where he pits two flicks against each other in a rivetting duel he calls: “VERSUS MODE”. We’ve also got new GUIDE TO GORE reviews headed down the pipeline! Be prepared to get the official gorescore on flicks such as: CIGARETTE BURNS, VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED, the appropriately titled SICK NURSES, and even the splatterific Indie classic: BAGMAN!

We’ve been working hard here at the BT to come up with some uber-exciting new features and online events for the website which we’re, well,uber-excited about! So as the year progresses, be on the lookout, and make sure to visit the site regularly to see the upcoming changes and announcements! And if you haven’t done so already, stalk us on theTwitters and become a fan of us on Facebook!

Remember friends, this is 2012. The zombie apocalypse looms in the very near future! Have your escape plan ready! Choose your weapons! And above all, fight for your survival! And until then, check out these greatWalking Dead e-cards to send to your February 14th hunny!

Until next time, you know my motto:
Keep it bloody, keep it sick, and keep the gore flowing!

– Matthew T.


Editorial: October 2011

Hello again, boils and ghouls, and welcome back to the Blood Theatre! This is a very special time of year for us horror fanatics: the days grow shorter, the trees explode with autumnal colour, and the air smells of fall. . .of the harvest season. . .of Samhain.

Yes, HALLOWEEN is upon us! The best time of year, when Walmarts and Dollar-stores are home to severed limbs, gravestones, skulls, and a whole plethora of Halloween props. And here at the Blood Theatre, we’d love to hear (and see) some of your Halloween traditions! If you go all out and decorate your homes for the ‘night He came home’, send us a picture of your haunted manor and we’ll post it for other horror fans to see! And if your October tradition is like mine, which involves writing up a list of 30 horror films and watching one each night, let us know what’s on your must see list for October! Just send us an e-mail — be it Halloween decor or elaborate pumpkin carving, we’d love to hear how you prepare for the best night of the year!

So what’s new this month? Well, for one, our newest resident writers are back: Ames and Ali (who brought you last month’s article counting down the Top Ten Romantic Horror Films) are here to present their newest piece on The Top Ten Stephen King Movies! Ali also flies solo on a review of SHARK NIGHT 3D! Plus, me and staff writer Shredi Knight were briefly interviewed by theSubStream while on location at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival! Check us out at the premiere of YOU’RE NEXT, by watching the interview here! Speaking of Shredi, check out his review of the controversial A SERBIAN FILM. Lastly, head on over to the Guide to Gore for plenty of new reviews (we now have over one hundred reviews in our database!), just in time to help you plan your October viewing list!

This is the tenth year that the Blood Theatre has been online to celebrate horror with you all. As I sit here in my office, updating the site and reflecting on the past decade, I’ll admit I’m struck by a sense of nostalgia. Thanks to your support over the years, the Blood Theatre has been one of the most successful projects I’ve worked on, and it has been a true pleasure to share with you all my passion for all-things-horror. I hope we’re online for another ten years to come, and that you all stay with us as we seek to create the best online horror resource we possibly can!

As always, we love to hear from you. Send us your emails, stalk us on the Twitter, and join up on our Facebook page for more site updates, horror news, and more.

Until next time, you know my motto:
Keep it bloody, keep it sick, and keep the gore flowing!

– Matthew T.


Editorial: April 2010

Greetings fellow horrorphiles, and welcome back to the Blood Theatre! We’ve been gone for a while — and for that I apologize — but we have risen from the grave once again, with a renewed hunger for horror and all-things-macabre! For those of you who were familiar with the old website, you’re no doubt noticing that we’re essentially starting from scratch (which means we’ve got a lot of work ahead of us if we hope to restore this place to it’s former glory!) And for those of you who are first-timers, allow me to fill you in on the short history of this website…

The Blood Theatre was created in 2001 as a Canadian based horror webzine. The website quickly grew in popularity, and our forums saw a great deal of activity. We interviewed horror icons the likes of Linnea Quigley, and even helped promote the release of Independent horror films with live chats with directors and actors. Sadly, during the Blood Theatre’s peak the website was hacked and the majority of our content was lost. The Blood Theatre forums remained up for a short time after, but eventually I pulled the website, and it lay dormant — like Jason Voorhees at the bottom of Crystal Lake. But as luck would have it, on a particularly dark and stormy night, a stray lightning bolt hit the darkened Blood Theatre and the old building creaked back to life once again; it’s rooms empty, but awaiting tomes of horrific reviews and terror-filled articles. Awaiting visitors who share a passion of the dark, the sinister — a passion for horror.

Which brings me to my request: if you are an aspiring writer who wishes to contribute to the website as a reviewer, please do not hesitate in sending me an example of a review you’ve written (for typical review length and format just visit the reviews section of our site) and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. We’ve got a lot of ground to cover, and the Blood Theatre can always use more on our staff of dead-icated reviewers.

And on that note, I’ll leave you to explore the Theatre. Ignore the cobwebs, the bloodstains, and the screams in the attic. Just pull up a chair, grab some popcorn, and enjoy.

Until next time, you know my motto:
Keep it bloody, keep it sick, and keep the gore flowing!

– Matthew T.

From the Editor: March 10, 2012

Hello again, horror fans! I’m happy to report that it’s been an extremely productive and busy month so far at the Blood Theatre! Ever since our new and improved site went live on February 29th, we’ve been doing our best to bring you daily updates: be it reviews, news, or even the return of our forums (which, if you haven’t done so already, I strongly urge you to become a part of!)

Since we’ve done so much updating over the past couple weeks, I thought it would be a good idea to recap all the latest Blood Theatre developments. Firstly, as you may have noticed, we have begun advertising for the Hudson Horror Show, a horror film festival celebrating their fifth year! As an official supporter of the HHS, we urge you to check out their site, and if you’re in the New York area, visit them on May 19th to check out their screening of FRIDAY THE 13th on 35mm!

Our staff has submitted a ton of new reviews, including: FATHER’S DAY (contributed by our resident gore-maestro Shredi Knight), as well as Guide to Gore reviews of DARKNESS FALLS, RESIDENT EVIL, FROM BEYOND, SICK NURSES, LET THE RIGHT ONE IN, and more! After being contacted by Indie filmmaker Andrea Ricca, we also reviewed his latest short sci-fi/horror film, SPIDER DANGER — which you can watch online at his official website.

We introduced brand new sections to the Blood Theatre which we have already begun filling out with content. VERSUS MODE, written by UncannyDerek, is a feature which pits two different films against each other in an epic battle royale. Though he decides a winner in the end, it is open for debate, and we strongly encourage you to join in the discussion by posting a comment! Be sure to read his latest versus mode, A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET VS. FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 2, and also don’t forget to check out last week’s clash between DAWN OF THE DEAD ’78 VS. DAWN OF THE DEAD ’04!

Staff writer Ali began posting regular horror news updates, and has begun a WEEKLY ROUNDUP, where she lists off all the latest developments in horror news at the end of the week. It’s a great way to get an itemized breakdown of all the news you might have missed out on!  Ali is also heading up our new CANADIAN CONTENT section, where we’ll be posting reviews and news for Canadian Horror films. For now, she’s put up a list of FILM FESTIVALS as an aid for Independent filmmakers. She’ll be updating and maintaining this list as the festivals approach and pass.

Our TERROR IN PRINT section was kicked off by UncannyDerek, who did a great write-up of the SWAMP THING comic, which is being released by DC Comics as part of their new 52. Be sure to check it out, as well as check back for more reviews of horror novels, as well as graphic novels. Also, our CONCESSION STAND features items that horror fans might be interested in purchasing (please note that these are not sold through the Blood Theatre, but are just things we think other horror fans might enjoy). And don’t forget, staff writer J-Rod is working to kick off our new HORROR GAMING section, where you’ll be seeing reviews of some of the best (and worst) horror video games out there!

Phew! I think I’ve covered pretty much all of it! But as you can see, there’s a lot happening here, and a lot more is planned for the rest of the month! As I mentioned earlier, our FORUMS are back online, so you can register for free and chat with horror fans from around the world.

But until next time, boils and ghouls, keep checking back for regular site updates and plenty of deliriously devilish new content! And, on behalf of myself and the staff of the Blood Theatre: have a very happy St. Patrick’s Day!

– Matthew T.


Happy Friday the 13th!

Notice how this post is not titled “From the Editor”? That’s right! This is Ali and the home page has been hijacked!

Now that I have control, lets talk about things that interest me – Friday the 13th. As you can see I have changed the featured video to the original trailer. We have certain traditions for this holiday and watching the films is one of them, but we’ve decided to start a new one this year. We will be hosting a Friday the 13th Photo Scavenger Hunt for The Blood Theatre staff and friends. We would like our web audience to get in on the fun, so you can open the PDF link below, print a copy of the list and put together a team. Feel free to share your photos with us!

Friday the 13th Scavenger Hunt

In other news, we’ve been adding horror gaming, comics and Canadian content reviews so be sure to check them out. We are also now on Pinterest.

Matthew T. will be back to change this letter next week but until then,

Happy Haunting!

-Ali (@AJFaucher)

Greetings Above-Average Humans!

You may have noticed that we haven’t had a ton of updates in the last few weeks. April has been a very busy month for all The Blood Theatre staff with several projects beginning, school years ending, locations moving and the list goes on… We’ve been so busy in fact, we have even postponed our Monster Movie Monday screenings for the past month! It’s been very difficult to not watch people being cut up on a weekly basis, but all this will resume in the next couple of weeks.

We have a few more top ten lists in the works, more reviews, a new ongoing feature that has been prepared, some articles from our editor as well as new music and some fresh images. We will also be uploading more of our MMM Gag Reels and some Bloodcasts as well, we just need to get our offices moved and back up in working order.

Now on a side note, our site is mostly about the reviews. We love all horror films, old and new, and we enjoy reviewing them with a fresh perspective. Almost every feature and article on the site is just a different and creative way to review films that have been reviewed to death. We are not really a news site so we like to support other horror news sites as much as we can. We will be adding our re-vamped links section soon. If you would like your site’s banner included on our links page, please send an e-mail to

If you have any suggestions on what you would like to see more of on our site, whether it be top 10 lists, more greeting cards, or even specific movies you would like us to review, you can send us an e-mail, hit the forums, or send us a message on Facebook or Twitter. We like hearing from you!

Hugs and Killings,

Ali (@AJFaucher)

From the Editor – January 2013

A very belated happy new year’s, horror fans! 2012 was, without a doubt, an interesting year for the horror genre. While the remake train kept moving forward (bringing us such offerings as: Maniac and Silent House) a number of highly anticipated flicks saw their release. Rob Zombie returned with Lords of Salem, the Paranormal Activity franchise reached its fourth instalment, and fan-favourite director Adam Wingard released the much-discussed V/H/S (which is now available on Netflix if you missed it). Indeed, the list goes on and on. We’ll be doing a round-up of our personal favourites from the past year, but as always we’d love to hear your thoughts, so leave us a comment or shoot us an email!

2013 is already shaping up to be one of the biggest years yet for the crew of The Blood Theatre. If you haven’t already noticed, we’ve completely changed our look! This new design comes fully equipped with brand new features, including the ability for users to RATE films. So don’t be shy! Check out our extensive list of reviews and share your thoughts by giving them a rating, and leaving us a comment!

Our second bit of exciting news, is that we have been invited to be guests at the Canadian Toycon! Don’t miss your chance to hang out with us as we spend March 17th on location in Burlington, Ontario. We’ll be involved in a horror panel, and will be around all day at the Blood Theatre booth. We’ll have plenty more information as we get closer to the date, but until then, drop on by their website for more info:

With that said, I invite you to go and explore the new Blood Theatre! The popcorn is ready and the movie is cued: it’s showtime!

– Matthew T. (Editor)

From the Editor – February 2013

Hello Friends!

Our site was updated in January and we’ve already started to see an increase in activity, both on the site and through our social media channels. Thanks for being so patient with us while we were in transition. We still have a few things to change over and adjust but we are certainly getting there.  That being said, for those of you who haven’t stopped by in a while, you can see we have a new design and some new features. Users can now rate films out of 5 stars and the most popular user-rated films will appear on the side bar. So explore the site and don’t be afraid to put in your two cents.

A quick reminder that February is WOMEN IN HORROR MONTH. We’ve been so busy fixing up the site that we did not have time to prepare any features for the occasion; but we will try to explore creative female forces within genre as much as we can. Please visit the WOMEN IN HORROR MONTH website for more information, articles, events and details on how to obtain the official seal –

-Ali (@AJFaucher)