Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things

1973 / d. Bob Clark
The late Bob Clark is the man who brought us BLACK CHRISTMAS, surprisingly just one year after he co-wrote and directed CHILDREN SHOULDN’T PLAY WITH DEAD THINGS. The reason why it’s so surprising is that the difference between the two films is, quite simply, monumental. The picture quality on the 35TH ANNIVERSARY EXHUMED EDITION DVD still left much to be desired, so viewers should anticipate watching many a dimly-lit night scene. Instead of the undead, the true plague of this film isĀ slow pacing: the special effects are surprisingly decent when there are actually creatures onscreen, but it just seems to take forever until anything actually happens. It’s interesting to see early films from directors who are still learning how to hone their craft, but just don’t go into this film half-expecting another BLACK CHRISTMAS, or you’re sure to end up disappointed.