Chopping Mall

1986 / d. Jim Wynorski
Who can say: after hours mall party!? Well friends, let me tell you: if CHOPPING MALL has taught me anything, it’s that malls can offer up more nightmarish material than just long lineups, price-checks, and old ladies clipping your heels with carts… they’re also full of bloodthirsty robots that’ll kill you where you stand! Such is the premise of this late 80s slasher cheesefest: a group of teenage mall-ployees decide to stay after-hours and party like it’s 1999 (silly kids, it won’t be 1999 for another 13 years…) Unfortunately for the rebellious youths, the latest in mall security has just been revealed: a pack of metal murderers known asDefenders, whose prime directive is to keep the mall safe no matter what the cost. When the mall doors lock and the robots go rogue, the teens must work together to survive the night! Campy sci-fi slasher goodness abounds, with more lasers and mechanics than you can shake a stick at! Look for a role by Barbara Crampton of RE-ANIMATOR fame.