Creepshow 2

1987 / d. Michael Gornick
Gather round fright junkies, for the sinister minds of Stephen King and George A. Romero reunite in CREEPSHOW 2: a highly downplayed and often neglected sequel which, in this reviewer’s opinion, is every bit as worthy as its predecessor. It’s like a TALES FROM THE CRYPT triple-header… three 30 minute segments with each containing a set of characters more doomed than the last. There is nothing like a giant wooden Native American coming to life and hunting down hoodlums, or a strange floating membrane dissolving your skin as punishment for being an ignorant entitled teenager!  And even better: hitting and killing a hitchhiker on the side of the road only to have his undead corpse cling to your car and continuously thank you for the ride — must be a Canadian… We are also going to slap a Monster Movie Monday stamp of approval on this one, so include it in your next movie night line up!