1982 / d. George Romero
The ultimate flick for all fans of retro horror comics. George Romero directs five depraved tales of terror penned by maestro Stephen King himself. It’s a smorgasbord of beloved horror tropes and stories that never cease to be fun with multiple viewings. This movie has it all: reanimated corpses of the pissed off curmudgeon and betrayed lovers variety; a lunkhead farmer who grows weeds all over his body; a cute, furry critter that lives in a crate and likes to munch on bitch heads; and a heaping helping of flesh-hungry cockroaches that bug out a miserly millionaire! The stark lighting and visual effects give the film the actual feel of the bloodsoaked pages of an E.C. Comic and makeup wizard Tom Savini does wonders with his array of ghoulies, ghosties, and monsters.  This is the perfect film to introduce any horror-shy viewer to the wonders of the genre. After all, it’s the most fun you’ll have being scared! (JC)

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