Darkness Falls

2003 / d. Jonathon Liebesman
DARKNESS FALLS belongs to a category of films which span a period from the late 90’s up to the late 2000’s. Just as you can watch 80’s slasher films and immediately know that they’re all from the same era, the same goes for films such as SKELETON KEY, TH13TEEN GHOSTS, DEAD SILENCE, GHOST SHIP, and DARKNESS FALLS — to name only a few. They share a common atmosphere, and although their subject matter isn’t always the same, their style is easily recognizable. In DARKNESS FALLS, we are presented with a small town urban legend: Matilda Dixon, a woman beloved by all the town children, was known as the Tooth Fairy, since she would present them with a gold coin for their lost tooth. However, when she was accused and executed for a crime she didn’t commit, she swore a curse on the little town of Darkness Falls… what she took in kindness, she would take forever in revenge (talk about a reverse deathbed conversion!) The problem with DARKNESS FALLS is that it lacks memorability. On its own it’s not as terrible and easily dismissible as people tend to remember it; it still manages to offer up some minor thrills, and a decent (albeit contrived) story. The similarity between it and the later released DEAD SILENCE has been noted on more than one occasion, and in this reviewer’s opinion, DEAD SILENCE is the superior film. However, if you’re looking for another reason to fear the dark, give DARKNESS FALLS a shot. You might even like it.