Dr. Butcher, M.D.

Directed By: Marino Girolami
Written By: Fabrizio De Angelis & Romano Scandariato
Ian McColloch
Alexandra Delli Colli
Sherry Buchanan

“He’s a depraved
, homocidal killer… and he makes house calls!”

People be warned: we’re dealing with some savage shit here. If exuberant gore, graphic gut munching, putrefying cadavers, and fiendish medical experiments aren’t your thing, then for godsakes turn back now. This unrepentent assault on the retinas isn’t for everyone, and even hardened horror fans may flinch while watching this one. But if you can hack it, well boy, you’re in for a bloody wild ride. All puns intended!

Plot? Story? You’re out of your mind, brotha, if you’re expecting these things to matter. Dr. Butcher (also released in North America as Zombie Holocaust) is all about the red stuff! This sanguineous symphony of sadistic shlop is sure to separate the men from the boys. If ocular trauma is your thing, step on up and watch a man’s eyes torn right from their sockets and immediately devoured like pearl onions! Yum! Do you like your women au naturel and painted in exotic floral patterns? Well ya weirdo, it’s even got that. Everything from botched surgery to a Mr. T lookalike, and a myriad of outre events in between, Dr. Butcher is sure to satisfy your sinister cravings.

The moments of “plot development” and dialogue are great times to sit back and instead listen to the sound of you cracking open another cold one, since this film is like playing leapfrog from one gross-out scene to the next. And while it doesn’t offer memorable moments like Fulci’s zombie vs. shark incident, it does boast an awesome cranial lambasting involving a spinning boat propellor! Gee-whiz, where’s your Tylenol now, big guy?

Need I say more?

The next time your guests are hungry for gore, put Dr. Butcher on the menu. It’s sure to shock, entertain, and make you damn well think twice about going to your next check-up.


Here’s lookin’ at you too, kid!