Driller Killer, The

1979 / d. Abel Ferrara
The infamous video nasty may not be as brutal as all the hubbub has led one to believe. Ferrara stars as the jive-talking artist protagonist whose mind begins to crack when the pressures of his relationship, job, and the annoying punk band boarding below him begin to drive him cuckoo. How’s a fella expected to act other than taking all his aggression out by sticking power drills into hobos? The drill-head scene is perhaps the goriest we get here; the rest of the fare is your typical slasher madness with Ferrara gleefully twisting his tool of death in the writhing bodies of his tortured victims. The film seems to be confused as to what path it wants to take: disturbing psycho drama or schlocky exploitation flick. While the movie still retains some original touches, in the end the clashing of these two genres leaves the viewer a tad disappointed and underwhelmed. (JC)

#gore#video nasty