Editorial: October 2011

Hello again, boils and ghouls, and welcome back to the Blood Theatre! This is a very special time of year for us horror fanatics: the days grow shorter, the trees explode with autumnal colour, and the air smells of fall. . .of the harvest season. . .of Samhain.

Yes, HALLOWEEN is upon us! The best time of year, when Walmarts and Dollar-stores are home to severed limbs, gravestones, skulls, and a whole plethora of Halloween props. And here at the Blood Theatre, we’d love to hear (and see) some of your Halloween traditions! If you go all out and decorate your homes for the ‘night He came home’, send us a picture of your haunted manor and we’ll post it for other horror fans to see! And if your October tradition is like mine, which involves writing up a list of 30 horror films and watching one each night, let us know what’s on your must see list for October! Just send us an e-mail — be it Halloween decor or elaborate pumpkin carving, we’d love to hear how you prepare for the best night of the year!

So what’s new this month? Well, for one, our newest resident writers are back: Ames and Ali (who brought you last month’s article counting down the Top Ten Romantic Horror Films) are here to present their newest piece on The Top Ten Stephen King Movies! Ali also flies solo on a review of SHARK NIGHT 3D! Plus, me and staff writer Shredi Knight were briefly interviewed by theSubStream while on location at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival! Check us out at the premiere of YOU’RE NEXT, by watching the interview here! Speaking of Shredi, check out his review of the controversial A SERBIAN FILM. Lastly, head on over to the Guide to Gore for plenty of new reviews (we now have over one hundred reviews in our database!), just in time to help you plan your October viewing list!

This is the tenth year that the Blood Theatre has been online to celebrate horror with you all. As I sit here in my office, updating the site and reflecting on the past decade, I’ll admit I’m struck by a sense of nostalgia. Thanks to your support over the years, the Blood Theatre has been one of the most successful projects I’ve worked on, and it has been a true pleasure to share with you all my passion for all-things-horror. I hope we’re online for another ten years to come, and that you all stay with us as we seek to create the best online horror resource we possibly can!

As always, we love to hear from you. Send us your emails, stalk us on the Twitter, and join up on our Facebook page for more site updates, horror news, and more.

Until next time, you know my motto:
Keep it bloody, keep it sick, and keep the gore flowing!

– Matthew T.