Episode 1 – INSIDE & YEAH RITE

Here is the first official episode of our podcast. Up until now, all of our audio media has been pretty informal so we tightened it up to create a format where we discuss one feature film and follow up with what we call our “Special Feature” which changes every week between reviews of short films, books, video games, versus mode debates and top 5 lists.

This episode features host Matthew T. with Ali and J-Rod, discussing the french film INSIDE and doing a short film review of the Canadian Exorcism Comedy YEAH RITE!

Listen to the podcast here:

      1. BT_Podcast_ep1.mp3


–As discussed in the Podcast–

View the trailer for INSIDE: HERE

Check out our written review for YEAH RITE!: HERE

Watch our Horror short DEVIL’S NIGHT in the Halloweenmovies.com Fan Film Fest when it’s posted on Tuesday Oct. 16th

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