2010 / d. Manuel Carballo
I’m a sucker for demonic possession films. I foolishly go into each one expecting to relive the magic of watching THE EXORCIST for the first time, and instead walk away disappointed. EXORCISMUS is no exception. A young girl becomes possessed by an evil entity, and the only solution is an exorcism — which the girl’s parents allow to be recorded. Contrived and imitative scare tactics creep from one scene to the next, while the audience sits and waits for the promised appearance of Doug Bradley. I mean really, if an actor is in a film for all of ten minutes, don’t bill his name as one of the top three actors on the movie poster… it’s misleading and results in a movie-goer feeling duped. Furthermore, when was the last time you saw his name credited as Douglas Bradley? I sure haven’t. And by using his full first name, I somehow was under the assumption that his role was going ┬áto be serious, epic, and that he was going to conjure up the spirit of Father Merrin and put some holy-shit-smackdown on Satan in this film. But… no such luck, which is why EXORCISMUS now joins the ranks of THE LAST EXORCISM, THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE, and all the other Satan-inspired movies which just failed to impress.