John is a simple man, he lives a simple life- in a mediocre house with his teenage daughter and his even simpler wife. If only contentment was equally as simple. John has an anger inside of him that has been growing for quite some time. His simple life and inner rage have become all too familiar and something is about to change.

TRAILER: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=sBQadfeT2eM

The Film
FAMILIAR is beautifully shot. The scenes and camera work are very calm and calculated much like the character of John (Robert Nolan) at first glance. As the voice inside him grows impatient and demanding, so do the framing  and camera movement, allowing the intensity to build on par with John’s increasing dissolution.

The film begins with John taking you through a day in the life of his discontent. The build-up takes it’s time and John’s complaining starts to run its course after a while. As much as you want to hate John for all of his negativity and scheming against his seemingly innocent wife (Astrida Auza) and daughter (Cathryn Hostick), it is almost impossible. As the film moves along you begin to dislike them just as much as he does. They are dull and predictable and you want something bad to happen to them, or just something to happen at all.

It’s rather genius that as John’s inner voice becomes more impatient, so does the audience. Forcing the viewer  to crave violence is a strategy I find both unsettling and brilliant. Die-hard genre fans needn’t worry! Though the journey feels long, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it shines blood red. I’m not about to divulge any spoilers, but I assure you that the payoff is excellent and probably not what you’d expect. The special effects are fantastic and the quality of this film overall is pretty impressive for a low budget short, begging the question, what could they do if given the means and opportunity for a full length feature?

FAMILIAR comes to us from Fatal Pictures based out of Toronto.  Their previous shorts CONSUMPTION (2008) and WORM (2010) screened internationally at a wide range of popular genre festivals including Dark Bridges Film Festival, Screamfest, Oklahoma Horror Film Fest and The Sydney Underground film festival.

Co-founders Zach Green and Richard Powell  are responsible for nearly every aspect of the filmmaking process from initial concept to marketing. Producer Zach also edits and is heavily involved in post, with hopes of writing and directing in the future. Writer/Director Richard also takes an active role in the editing room alongside his producing partner. Together they work to create original and challenging independent films of high quality and artistic value.

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