Fright Night

1985 / d. Tom Holland
Extremely fun and a great example of goofy 80’s horror. Charley Brewster loves late night horror movies, but what happens when he finds out that his new neighbour is nothing but an extremely sexy vampire intent on taking a bite out of all the babes in town? He finds out it’s time to kick ass, that’s what! Tom Holland (CHILD’S PLAY) directs the proceeding with an obvious love for the genre as seen in his homages to vampire films from years past. The cast has great chemistry and play off each other brilliantly, from Chris Sarandon’s seductive portrayal of the heavy to Roddy McDowell’s powerhouse presence as hammy horror actor Peter Vincent (get it?).  The movie is a Hammer Film with a very 80’s mentality; we go from the foreboding and fog-enshrouded house of the vampire to a scintillating scene inside a nightclub where Sarandon lays the charm on the dance floor. You can’t help but smile good-heartedly at the cheese and warmth that emanates from this film. It’s not all silly references and fun games though; there are moments of genuine terror and surprise, especially when the vampires are seen in all their freaky bat-faced glory. The very definition of a feel-good horror flick with a little bite thrown in for good measure. Sequel: FRIGHT NIGHT PART II. (JC)