Girls Against Boys

2012 / d. Austin Chick
skullskullskull          7

While the story may not appeal to everyone, and some may feel that this type of rape-revenge has been done before, I believe the minor differences in this film go a long way to set it apart. There is one clear victim and even though her actions are heavily influenced by a “wild card” character so to speak, her reactions to her own behaviour are not typically that of the victims we are used to seeing in this subgenre. The mental state of the characters ranges from enjoyment to indifference with little regret and, at times, it creates a very twisted form of comic relief. With beautiful cinematography, very stylized and not at all gritty as one would expect, I only found myself disappointed with a few slow motion shots toward the end. These shots were great in the beginning, but when the story progression is already slow, the last thing I wanted was each individual shot matching the pace. Good performances and a solid amount of blood. The last death was my personal fave.