Halloween H20

1998 / d. Steve Miner
An excellent installment in the long-winded HALLOWEEN franchise, and in this reviewer’s opinion, the second best film after John Carpenter’s original. Ignoring parts 4, 5, and 6, HALLOWEEN H20 reunites us with Laurie Strode, who has since changed her name, become headmistress at a remote boarding school, and is the mother of a sixteen year old son. She is faced to confront her demons once and for all when her dear old brother returns, leading to an epic and intense free-for-all. Plenty of homages to the previous HALLOWEEN films thanks to a well rounded script by Kevin Williamson, and even a brief appearance by Janet Leigh and the original car from Psycho. It’s a shame they couldn’t leave it on this note, and had to drag the series further through the mud.