Happy Friday the 13th!

Notice how this post is not titled “From the Editor”? That’s right! This is Ali and the home page has been hijacked!

Now that I have control, lets talk about things that interest me – Friday the 13th. As you can see I have changed the featured video to the original trailer. We have certain traditions for this holiday and watching the films is one of them, but we’ve decided to start a new one this year. We will be hosting a Friday the 13th Photo Scavenger Hunt for The Blood Theatre staff and friends. We would like our web audience to get in on the fun, so you can open the PDF link below, print a copy of the list and put together a team. Feel free to share your photos with us!

Friday the 13th Scavenger Hunt

In other news, we’ve been adding horror gaming, comics and Canadian content reviews so be sure to check them out. We are also now on Pinterest.

Matthew T. will be back to change this letter next week but until then,

Happy Haunting!

-Ali (@AJFaucher)