Indie Game Review: Dead Pixels

Platform: xBox360
Release Date: 9/15/2011
Cost: $1.00 (80 Microsoft Points)

Absolutely rockin’ old-school sidescroller that’s chock full of zombie blasting carnage! With the look and feel of an old NES game, the short levels and smooth gameplay is heavily addictive. Multiplayer co-op allows you and your friends to kick back in a retro environment, and unleash some pain on horde after horde of 8-bit flesheaters! You can tell that the game was made by fans of the zombie genre, since there are countless homages sprinkled throughout. When you enter the shop the merchant greets you with a friendly “Hello Stranger!” welcome, the shotgun is called a Boomstick, and one of the zombies spits green acid (remind you of any games that left you for dead?) It’s fast, it’s fun, and man, it’s only a buck! You can’t go wrong!