Indie Game Review: Samurai VS Zombie

Platform: xBox360
Release Date: 02/01/2010
Cost: $1.00 (80 Microsoft Points)

┬áIf it wasn’t for my cousin who downloads these $1 games like a fiend, I probably wouldn’t have reviewed as many of these Indie horror games as I have. Overall, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by most of the games I’ve played. Although they’ve all been pretty repetitive and lacking any sort of compelling plot, they’ve been entertaining, and well worth the 80 Microsoft points. But then along came SAMURAI VS ZOMBIE… which teaches you the true meaning of mind-numbing repetition. Gamer beware, this game is sure to build mini-biceps on your thumbs, because all you’re doing is mashing the gamepad in an effort to slash as many zombies as possible. And man-oh-man, are there ever a lot of zombies to kill. I don’t know what it is about this game that gets old so fast, because to be honest, the overall production values are decent. The gameplay is smooth and the cell-shaded graphics are well-rendered… but perhaps it’s the sheer monotony of it that makes the game so… boring. No, it can’t be that, because THE $1 ZOMBIE GAME was just about as monotonous as you can get, and yet I could play it for hours. I think what it all comes down to is that it feels like work to kill the zombies. The swords aren’t slicing off limbs, there are no “one-hit-kills”; you’re just hacking and hacking away in an attempt to whittle down their life-bars with no satisfying payoff when they finally succumb to sweet death. It’s too bad, because the game did have potential. Regardless, this is one that, having played through it, I just can’t recommend.