Indie Game Review: The $1 Zombie Game

Platform: xBox360
Release Date: 10/06/2011
Cost: $1.00

So speaking of games that only cost a dollar… here’s one that hearkens back to the style of the original Playstation. There’s not much by way of storyline… it’s essentially just level after level after level of zombie slaying, within the same confined area. Before each round starts, you get a little snippet of the main character’s journal, which is definitely worth reading, since it gets darkly humourous as the game progresses. Each new round presents you with more, and faster, zombies. Your firearms change as well, giving you a new specialty gun every round, along with a side pistol that has unlimited ammo. It’s pretty brainless, but it’s fun nonetheless. There’s nothing more satisfying than firing a mini-gun into a horde of about twenty zombies and just watching the screen fill up with red mist! Worth every penny.