Interview: Linnea Quigley

There probably isn’t a horror fan alive that hasn’t heard the name Linnea Quigley: star of over 80 cult classics, and one of the most widely recognized scream queens in horror movie history. That’s why it is our immense pleasure to bring you our very own interview, with none other than Linnea Quigley.

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BLOOD THEATRE (BT) : As always, I’m curious to know: how did you get into the horror genre to begin with?

LINNEA QUIGLEY (LQ) : I got into horror, and movies by accident. Moving to LA everyone was talking acting and all, so I gave it a try. I hated working for hardly any money, and measuring people that the tape measure wouldn’t go around.

BT : I have to ask you – of all the movies that you’ve starred in during your career (which certainly is an extraordinary amount!), which has been your favourite, and which have you enjoyed the least?

LQ : I loved and hated RotLD. And the least one, oh well, some of the early cheap ones. I don’t even want to say. Ahhhhhhh.

BT : You worked alongside Linda Blair in the movie “Savage Streets”. To begin with, what was it like working on the set of this well known exploitation movie, and second of all, what was it like to work with Linda Blair?

LQ : I was terrified working with Linda being a fan and all. And it was last minute they cast her, and I was older and all than her, and looked different, so I thought I’d get fired. But wow, it was sooooo cool. She is great!

BT : You have also starred with Brinke Stevens and Michelle Bauer. Could you tell us what it was like working with them?

LQ : Wow working on films with the three of us was so great. It was like family, and that is no more. I miss it. It was so amazing and all.

BT : Which of your previous costars did you enjoy collaborating with the most? And who, if you had the choice, would you like to work with in the future?

LQ : Oh what a hard question. I don’t know… Don Calfa is great. I love him, Andras Jones… oh yeah he was great, and of course Michelle is so cool. I also love Karen Russell and Liz Kaiten, and on and on

BT : Could you tell us a little bit about your band, The Skirts? How did it come to be formed, and are you still together today?

LQ : Yes we are starting as of two weeks ago again, rehearsing, writing, and all.

And it just happened the bass player Haydee and I clicked, and so she got in her car, and then van 18 rescue cats and 8 dogs AND came here to work on our stuff. Please someone record us — and book us!

We will sell records or CDs now that there is a thing on the website called The Skirts Undercover. It’s us a year ago having fun and playing around. Haydee is soooo cool.

BT : To change the topic a little bit – what are your thoughts on being a Scream Queen? Was that what you set out to be? And now that you are a recognized scream queen, do you feel limited or confined by the term?

LQ : Well I never set out to be anything, but having the title… I love it, cuz some cool people love the title and the movies and, “oh well” to the ones who don’t. I’m not a snob and so it doesn’t matter. I just wanna have fun and not take life all serious.

BT : At this point in your career, looking back, are you satisfied by what you’ve accomplished?

LQ : I want more. I wanna do documentaries.

BT : Do you feel that you’ve gotten to a point in your career when your scream queen days are beginning to wind down? That is, what do you see yourself doing in the future?

LQ : I hope music. I did some for a movie I was in this year.

And well, of course my characters that I played are being played by younger ones, and it’s weird. Very weird. Full circle… huh.

BT : Besides acting, what does Linnea Quigley spend her time doing? That is, what is important in your life at the moment, and what would you like to have the opportunity to do in the future, besides film.

LQ : I want to get married and I want to just do things to help animals and lead a fun, happy life, have time to do things I think are important; and fun and music, and documentries are part of it. Kinda like the Decline of Western Civilization. I have a lot of ideas .

BT : I know you’re very involved and dedicated to animal rights. Is there anything you wish to say on this topic to any of our readers?

LQ : I am most happy that I’ve had people say, “I tried to become a vegan and I did it, and look, I lost 60 pounds.” I feel more confident and I help animals I love. It’s the best, really, I could feel, helping the animals.

BT : Could you tell us anything about some of your recent or upcoming projects?

LQ : Well I did Doris Wishman’s last movie, and I finished Corpses are Forever here in Miami. Both are almost done. And then I did film and music in Kansas on Notorious Collonel Steele and had a great time. Chris the director, was great to work with and do the music with since I was rusty, but I wrote and played it thanks to him and I have a documentary planned, and all, too. And a movie this guy who was going to marry me, is doing, and I helped get the deal together. Boo Hoo…

BT : And, as we always ask, is there anything else you would like to say to our readers at The Blood Theatre?

LQ : Sink your teeth into this site! I love ya all!

Love and Screams,

Linnea (and don’t hurt animals!)

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Once again, Linnea, it was a great honour for us to have you to take time out of your extremely busy schedule to answer these questions!

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