It’s Alive

1974 / d. Larry Cohen
What should Frank and Lenore Davis expect while they’re expecting? If your answer is anything other than “the spawn of Satan”, you’re horribly wrong! After a delivery room massacre, the horrific fruit of Frank’s loins is loosed on the city, and begins carrying out an infantile bloodbath. You’ve heard of the “terrible twos“? Well here’s a case of theterrible two-days-old! IT’S ALIVE, despite hiding under the guise of a ridiculous horror film, tackles important issues like familial rejection, the fear of birthing an unhealthy child, and the pressures which stem from accepting responsibility for the actions of your children. Frank, Lenore, and their¬†non-mutated¬†son are all presented as exaggerated sterotypes as they would have existed in a typical 1970s family hierarchy. Frank is a man’s man, whose obligation is to protect his family above all else, whereas Lenore’s maternal instincts drive her to look past the derangement of the baby, and see it for what it essentially is: her child. Though not overly graphic, Rick Baker’s special effects are a pleasure to watch as always, and the film overall makes for an excellent watch. Highly recommended.

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