1993 / d. Mark Jones
Never — and I mean ever — stand between a Leprechaun and their gold. And that’s pretty much the moral of the story right there. But let’s face it, you know going into this thing that you’re not about to watch another CITIZEN KANE… you’re going to watch a b-movie about a malevolent, miserly Irishman who has no pretense about killing you if you steal his Lucky Char—err, treasure.¬†Jennifer Aniston may take top billing, but Warwick Davis is the true star here. Whether he’s spouting Irish puns, shooting festive green lightning out of his fingertips, or inflicting death-by-pogo-stick, he’s always stealing the show! Oddball writing that seems to me almost¬†reminiscent¬†of KILLER KLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE, LEPRECHAUN is campy Irish fun. In fact, you could almost say, “it’s cine-magically delicious!”

…leave me alone, I tried.