FAMILY (Masters of Horror 2006)

2006 / d. John Landis
skullskull          5
This particular episode, directed by John Landis (An American Werewolf in London), is about an average man, living an average life, with his not so average family. Having stalked and killed a woman and child, he bathes their corpses in acid and dresses up their skeletons for Sunday dinner. It’s his ideal family, cost effective with no real mouths to feed and he is in complete control…well until little Sarah wants a visit from Grandpa. His family continues to grow with every kill, until some pesky new neighbours move in next door.

The effects were decent, a few minor CG issues, but overall pretty good- especially in the last scene. The acting, on the other hand, was quite bland, with George Wendt being the best part. Both the story and direction overall were fantastic. With twists and turns and enough suspense to keep you captive from beginning to end, FAMILY was all in all a great episode and MMM approved.