Niagara Falls Comic Con

For those of you who reside in the Niagara region, or perhaps a little further out but don’t mind the drive, Niagara Falls is having it’s own comic con this summer.

On Saturday June 9th 2012, special guests, vendors and fans will be flocking to the Scotiabank convention center for a full day of geeking out.

So far the following guests have been announced:

John A. Russo (Director, NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD)
Gunnar Hansen, Marilyn Burns & Teri McMinn (TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE)
April Mullen & Tim Doiron (DEAD BEFORE DAWN 3D)
Chandler Riggs (THE WALKING DEAD)
Burt Ward (BATMAN – TV Series)
Robert Picardo (STAR TREK VOYAGER)

Advance tickets are on sale for $15.00.

Get more info HERE at the official website.

– Ali (AJFaucher)