Piranha 3D

2010 / d. Alexandre Aja
Ah, spring break. The time of year that calls for beach parties, tequila shots, wet t-shirt contests, and… wait for it… getting schooled by hundreds of carnivorous fishees! In PIRANHA 3D, veteran horror filmmaker Alexandre Aja (Haute Tension, The Hills Have Eyes) delves out of his usual atmospheric element, and brilliantly combines the camp and cheese of a Roger Corman film with all the voluptuous excess of a Russ Meyer picture! It’s pure comedic goodness with an ultra gory twist! See: a beach full of nearly-nudes devoured alive! Gaze in horror as able-bodied humans are ruthlessly skeletalized and turned into fish-food! It’s everything you could hope for in a creature feature, including cameo appearances by Christopher Lloyd, Eli Roth, and Richard Dreyfuss. Take a bite out of spring… the PIRANHA way!