Shark Night 3D

Directed By: David R. Ellis
Written By: Will Hayes & Jesse Studenberg
Sara Paxton
Dustin Milligan
Chris Carmack

A group of university students take off to a friends summer house for the weekend. Located on a private island, secluded from the surrounding small town community, it’s seemingly the perfect place to blow off some steam and have some fun in the sun. But… unbeknowst to them, there’s something lurking in the water, ready, and waiting to fuck them up! No, it’s not nerd-boy’s hard-on for the leading hottie… it’s something far more dangerous and unexpected (but don’t worry, you totally know it’s coming because it’s right there in the title): SHARKS!

I love Sharks, I love nighttime and I love 3D but most of all, I love a good campy horror flick – which is what this title promises right? Well it lied. I am an easy sell with this type of film. I loved SHARKTOPUS and PIRANHA 3D, so this one should have been a home run. Instead it had merunning home with the urge to watch something awesome like CABIN FEVER to get the taste of FAIL out of my mouth.

First of all, this is not a campy film. If it had been campy then maybe it would have been easier to watch. They actually took themselves and the content seriously. The dialogue and jokes weren’t funny, and the characters seemed to know that. Its one thing to make a bad joke and laugh at it awkwardly, in turn possibly getting a few laughs from the audience – like a campy film would do. It’s another thing to make a
bad joke and have none of the characters react. On occasion they would legitimately laugh which only made them come across as completely lame and somewhat socially retarded.

Dustin Milligan was quite bland on 90210 and nothing much has changed. I am not writing him off completely though, as I’m pretty sure the script itself may have had something to do with it this time around. What I was really distracted by was the “Sara” character. I found her to be extremely annoying which I originally thought was caused by a lack of experience. I knew she looked familiar but couldn’t really place her. It later dawned on me that she is the lead in the remake of THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT. Previous to LAST HOUSE…, her background was in children and tween films. She made the jump from kid content to adult content, and that can be hard. I feel that the director of THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT, Dennis Iliadis, did a much more graceful job with her transition than David R. Ellis did on SHARK NIGHT. His poor direction caused her lack of experience to shine through and I think she still has a long way to go. Either that or she’s going to have to lose her clothes in order to
balance it out.

While I’m on the topic of directing, I guess I should mention that I expected more. I mean David Ellis’ track record, albeit not the most epic of films, still has some decent accomplishments. When you look at the direction on his previous films — CELLULAR, THE FINAL DESTINATION and that classic – HOMEWARD BOUND 2: LOST IN SAN FRANCISCO (…okay so maybe not the last one), but my point is, he’s had time to grow and really come into his own style but he’s just not there. I would have used SNAKES ON A PLANE as a reference but I actually haven’t seen it… I know, I know, I should.

I am just really disappointed because I thought this film could be so much more than it was. Also, did it not seem like the trailer took it in a completely different direction than what actually happens? It just bummed me out.

What I will say, is that the sharks look pretty good and the 3D was enjoyable. The rest of the movie was lame and really distracted me from the good parts, which is why I almost forgot to mention them.

My opinion would be to skip this one, cause let’s face it, most of the appeal is the fact that’s it’s 3D so there’s just no point in even renting it. But I think everyone should really take the time to see things and decide for themselves. So if you do decide that you absolutely must see this one, I just suggest going to the theatre on cheap night.

After thought: Since most 3D films just aren’t the same out of theatres, I think it would be awesome to have a 3D movie night at local theatres once a month. Bring back something that’s been out of theatres for a while and give those who missed it another chance to catch it in all it’s 3D glory. I almost typed gory, but not all 3D films are horror and I will eventually have to accept that.