Sick Nurses

2007 / d. Piraphan Laoyont, Thodsapol Siriwiwat
Oh, Asian horror… you so crazy at times. And without a doubt, one of “those times” is right here in SICK NURSES; a film so over-the-top, gratuitous, and downright outrageous that it’s guaranteed to leave your head spinning and your stomach churning! Unless you’re already a fan of Asian splatter films, this is a movie that’s definitely better geared toward a group viewing experience, so you and your friends can share in the absurdity and balls-to-walls gore that this flick dishes up every few minutes. The overall plot (not surprisingly) is focused around an angry spirit exacting her revenge on the medical team who killed her. One by one, a gaggle of sexy Asian nurses meet cruel and tortuous demises, which teeter between hilarious and sickening by merit of just how graphic ¬†and excessive they are. I mean, without spoiling anything, when was the last time you saw someone choke to death on a fetus? Oh… what’s that? You’ve never seen that? I was like you, once… before watching SICK NURSES.

#asian horror