Slaughtered Vomit Dolls

2006 / d. Lucifer Valentine
Seriously, ugh. Love him or hate him, Lucifer Valentine has crafted a seriously nasty piece of spurting, dripping, puking horror mayhem. The “film” drags in spots and tries desperately to be “artsy” (and if actual on screen vomiting is too much for you, avoid this one at all costs). But lying in between the boobs and the aforementioned puking are some excellent gore gags, including a particularly cringe-worthy eye-gouging scene. Yeah, it’s a vomit fetish video with a horror “plot” but still worth a look for hard core gore-ophiles. Part one of Valentine’s VOMIT GORE TRILOGY, the second installment, ReGOREGITATED SACRIFICE was released in 2008.