Spider Danger

2012 / d. Andrea Ricca
Zero budget filmmaker Andrea Ricca (THE FURFANGS) returns with a new 5-minute sci-fi/horror short, guaranteed to bring out your inner¬†arachnophobe! When a man wakes up to discover his home has been invaded by dozens of wall-crawling intruders, he must rely on only his wits and his trusted bug-spray to survive! Armed with a sharp eye, a keen sense of filmmaking, and some serious computer-animation skills, Mr. Ricca once again succeeds in creating an entertaining and highly enjoyable short film. It reminds us that it is possible to make a film without a budget, provided you’re passionate enough (and creative enough) to see it through to the end. And for those who gripe about CGI monsters, he challenges our biases and shows us that if utilized well, computerized creatures can still be effective. Also: kudos to Antonio DeLuise for the very fitting and complementary musical score. To watch SPIDER DANGER and the rest of Mr. Ricca’s short films, visit his website:¬†http://www.andrearicca.com/