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1983 / d. Dario Argento
Arguably Argento’s greatest (and certainly most popular) film, SUSPIRIA is the first film in the THREE MOTHERS TRILOGY (followed by INFERNO and MOTHER OF TEARS). Powerful, stark colour contrasts and amazing use of symmetry and set design elevate this far above your average, run-of-the-mill horror flick. With a true nail-biter soundtrack courtesy of Claudio Simonetti and Goblin, SUSPIRIA is guaranteed to leave you awe-struck and entertained.


Return of the Living Dead

1985 / d. Dan O’Bannon
A quintessential American horror classic, this vigorously paced horror/comedy is ridiculous fun to watch. A well chosen punk-rock soundtrack drives the film steadily along, while solid performances and some typically eighties special effects blend together to create one of the best zombie films in the history of the genre. “More BRAAAAAINS!



1979 / d. Don Coscarelli
What PHANTASM lacks in technique, it makes up for in atmosphere and overall “feel-good-ness”. Sure, it’s got its share of goofy special effects, and yes, arguably the acting is more than a wee bit hoaky, but this one is a real favourite of mine. Even with all its faults, it’s still tough not to get sucked into the elusive and fantastical story. Low budget horror with balls! Get it? Oh ho ho! Clev-ah!