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Nightmare on Elm Street, A

1984 / d. Wes Craven
A creative, utterly relentless, and disturbing horror film from the director of LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT. Tells the story of a child-killer turned dream-stalking boogeyman after he is murdered by a group of vigilante parents. Filled with unbelievably effective low-budget effects and a high-strung soundtrack, NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET has a unique way of getting under your skin and making you think twice before shutting those sleepy peepers late at night. Also marks the first feature film appearance by Capt. Jack himself, Johnny Depp.


Night of the Living Dead

1968 / d. George A. Romero
Ok, so it’s obvious that NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD isn’t about the graphic human meat-chomping that characterized the later Romero pictures, but without this influential little gem, the zombie genre as we know it would not exist. An incredibly bleak and tragic tale, this low-budget black and white horror classic marked the directorial debut of Mr. Romero and set up him up for a long career in the horror industry. Followed by DAY OF THE DEAD, DAWN OF THE DEAD, LAND OF THE DEAD, DIARY OF THE DEAD, and SURVIVAL OF THE DEAD.



1987 / d. Clive Barker
Adapting his short novella THE HELLBOUND HEART into a full-length film, HELLRAISER marks the legendary Clive Barker’s debut into the realm of horror filmmaking. Though the film would be subjected to a slew of mixed sequels, the 1987 original is where it’s at. The raw, unpolished feel which permeates every frame of celluloid, lends itself to a tense and unnerving film experience. The gritty quality, haunting gothic orchestral score, and taboo subject matter create an interesting unpredictability, which thrusts the viewer into a horrifying world of pleasure, pain, beauty, and darkness.