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1978 / d. John Carpenter
John Carpenter’s late seventies romp in unadulterated terror was a trailblazer, establishing a template for the next decade of slasher flicks to follow. Haddonfield, Illinois: Six year old Michael Myers brutally stabs his sister to death, and after spending fifteen years in Smiths Grove Asylum, escapes and returns to his hometown for some long overdue trick or treating. Made on a shoestring budget and featuring a nail-biter of a soundtrack, HALLOWEEN is arguably the best executed slasher film ever made. It’s a shame that it was subjected to a barrage of progressively weaker sequels that, until HALLOWEEN H20, weakened the credibility of the series.


Friday the 13th

1980 / d. Sean Cunningham
Splatter maestro Tom Savini lends his special effects wizardry to create this highly influential nerve grinder. Raw, shocking, and still an edge-of-your seat experience, this film helped set the stage for the next twenty years of slasher movies.


Evil Dead, The

1981 / d. Sam Raimi
Claiming to be the “ultimate experience in grueling terror”, THE EVIL DEAD is truly an unrelenting splatter gem. Ridiculously over-the-top gore has this walking a fine line between outright horrific and ludicrously comical, but it’s a thrilling line all the same. An incredibly memorable performance from Bruce Campbell transformed him into an ass-kicking cult icon. Unrepentently violent and shocking, but not horrifying, THE EVIL DEAD is a monumental achievement in the horror genre.