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Night of the Demons 2

1994 / d. Brian Trenchard-Smith
Angela, the Halloween hostess from hell, returns to throw another killer party! When teenagers begin transforming into horrible mouth-foaming demons, it becomes up to a ruler-weilding Catholic school nun to save the day. Slapstick horror goodness from start to finish puts this one with the ranks of EVIL DEAD 2 and RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD. Plenty of boobs, plenty of gore, and plenty of good old fashioned horror hilariaty.


Night of the Demons (2010)

2010 / d. Adam Gierasch
Some films are so bad they’re good. Others are just so bad they’re really effing awful. Such is the case with this remake of the widely enjoyed 1988 campy classic. The bottom line is this: if a film clearly possessed potential but failed to deliver because of low-budget, bad acting, poor effects, etc., then a remake should be considered. However, if a film accomplished everything it set out to do and is still enjoyed to this day, then seriously, sink money into a different project and don’t waste time making an inferior product. Redundant gore, barely passable effects, and dialogue which makes you want to brain yourself with the DVD case contribute to why you should skip this one altogether.



1985 / d. Lamberto Bava
Italian gore-fest that delivers all the graphic grotesqueries that a horror fan could hope for. Shoestring plot features individuals trapped in a movie theatre while a demonic force possesses them one by one. Corny but entertaining transformation scenes, an eye gouging to rival Fulci, and an extended demon-slaying involving a motorcycle and a samurai sword. It’s ridiculous, but it works.