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Mother of Tears

2007 / d. Dario Argento
The final chapter in the Three Mothers trilogy, the film has Argento’s usual penchant for boobs and blood, but is stylistically worlds apart from the first two films (SUSPIRIA and INFERNO). Argento fans may dislike the polished look, but it boasts enough bodily trauma and lewd lesbian action to keep anyone entertained.


I Spit On Your Grave

1978 / d. Meir Zarchi
A well known flick belonging to the “rape/revenge” subgenre, I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE is a film completely devoid of taste and decency, but also lacking any suspense or real thrills. Purely exploitative, but slow paced and even outright goofy at times, one is better off to watch Wes Craven’s 1972 gem: THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT or even the often downplayed–but far more entertaining–HOUSE ON THE EDGE OF THE PARK. The only real selling point here is the groin-grabbingly-gory bathtub castration scene. Yikes.


Hell of the Living Dead

1980 / d. Bruno Mattei
The legendary HELL OF THE LIVING DEAD (a.k.a. VIRUS, a.k.a. NIGHT OF THE ZOMBIES) is the film that made Bruno Mattei a household name amongst horror fans. Not because the film is good by any means, but just the opposite: this thing watches like a bad Ed Wood movie, in more ways than one. Filled with random bits of National Geographic stock footage, the inconsistency and flat plot makes this flick like a rabid dog: in serious need of being shotgunned. Some decent effects and the usual ‘testine-gorging is all this snooze-fest has to offer.